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Working to Eat



The pileated woodpecker has to work for his meals. This is Woody, who came to check out the old fir stump in my overgrown veggie garden. Notice how his tongue sticks out now and then to help lick up anything  he finds crawling around inside the wood.

After he had his meal, he flew into the forested area around the side of our house to have dessert at one of the other stumps we’ve left there.

I followed him to try to get another photo and was surprised when Junior flew in and landed in a tree quite close to me. You can tell that this is a young bird, maybe a female because of no red malar stripe (moustache). The red on her head is not as brilliant as it will be when she matures.

By the time I recovered from the surprise of her appearance, and refocused the camera, the backyard superintendents woke up from sleeping on the job, and came along barking their fool heads off, scaring the birds away.

I sighed, but couldn’t really reprimand them. After all, they are bird dogs.



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28 thoughts on “Working to Eat

  1. That’s a great video!

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  2. I like the video! Nice photography Anneli. 😎

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  3. Love the video clip. I made it full screen and cranked up the volume. Even my cats loved it.

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  4. What a fantastic video, Anneli! I love the photo of the dogs…they look so sleepy. 🙂

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  5. I enjoyed watching the video. It is not often that you catch a woodpecker at ground level. Best wishes! Peter

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  6. Lovely 🙂
    Thank you ……

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  7. I love the term “backyard superintendents”! 😀

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  8. Such wonderful birds! Nicely done Anneli!

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  9. I love your video. 🙂 what a great little visitor.

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  10. This was terrific. I didn’t know about the red mustache. Gotta love the bird dogs!


  11. Ruby and Emma – just doing their jobs.

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