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I love the taste of blackberries, but I hate picking them. This plant defends itself rather aggressively. The thorns are vicious and you either get your arms and legs scratched up or your clothing torn.  Add to that, the wasps that claim the ripe berries and resent you reaching in to steal them, and spiders that hide behind the leaves and scurry over your fingers as you touch their webs. Shudders! I let the Captain do the picking if he’s home, or his 96-year-old mother (pictured below, picking last year’s berries), if he’s not. They both love picking blackberries. Go figure!

But I think I have found a solution. Take a close look at the vines on these  blackberries below. What do you see? More importantly, what do you NOT see? Thorns! Also, the blackberries are growing on my garden fence so the tangles and spider hiding places are not as many.

Yes, thornless blackberries. Domestic, of course, but I like the idea of no thorns. The berries have a slightly different flavour, but they’re pretty good, and I don’t have to get stung or touch spiders, or tear up my arms and legs to get a few berries. Whoever developed this thornless variety deserves a medal.

These berries are not quite ready, but they seem to be fairly early this year. It won’t be long now before they’re ready to pick.

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38 thoughts on “Blackberries

  1. I hadn’t heard of a thornless variety before. Great! I went through the blackberry wars when I lived in Seattle and it wasn’t fun.

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  2. This is so interesting! I’ve never picked blackberries so never knew about the thorns. I wonder why raspberries and blueberries don’t have those thorns. Or maybe they do?


  3. What a great idea. The pleasure without the pain😏

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  4. Good morning, Anneli.
    I’ve never seen any growing hereabouts. So it’s even easier for me: I buy them – out of necessity. I like them as an addition to yoghurt.
    They grew in abundance in the region around my former place of living, Alfter/Germany. There a specialty was a wine and a liquor made from blackberries.
    Enjoy you blackberries,

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  5. Wow, you have a little bit of everything growing in your neck of the woods. Glad you found a good alternative variety of blackberries.

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  6. Bill went blackberry picking in shorts – big mistake. His legs were so badly scratched, but the blackberry crumble was good.

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  7. Tolle einblicke! :)) Danke dafür, ich finde so ein garten hat ja schon etwas entspannendes, oder ? 🙂 Wir sind momentan in einem 4 sterne hotel südtirol und die haben hier auch so einen tollen garten….ich liebe so was einfach und dann vermisse ich mein stückchen rasen zuhause auch nicht soo 😉 EIn schönes Wochenende wünsche ich dir ! LG, Anja

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  8. Our neighbours gave me some thornless blackberries when we first moved in. But I finally ripped them out because they spread so much. My garden is too small for having blackberry vines all over. Now I am kind of sorry. Only the wild blackberries are growing outside of my garden on the creek side and the fruits are sour and small and I have to keep them cutting back so I won´t have a jungle of those “growing all over” plants. I should have planted those thornless kind along the creek side instead of throwing them away. Now I am sorry that I didn´t.


  9. You’ve brought back magnificent memories for me, Anneli. Where we lived in the SF bay area, a few blocks away an untamed huge blackberry bush appeared every summer. I’d send my kids off with a couple of large bowls, and an hour later, they’d return with dozens and dozens of delectable fresh blackberries (and lots of bloody scratches on arms and legs, but they were young, they healed quickly). 🙂 the enticement? I then made my mom’s famous blackberry buckle (well, it was originally called blueberry buckle, but I changed the fruit). YUM. We have blackberry bushes somewhere here in NE, but I haven’t found any. I’m going to tell my gardener guy (ie, my spouse) about these thorn-less bushes. Never heard of them, and they sound great!

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  10. I love blackberries, even though most around here are invasive. Great idea to treat them like the garden fruits and train them. I’ll be watching to see how it goes. Happy Snacking!

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  11. Never heard of that! Glad you found some and can enjoy them without being attacked by nature!

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  12. Oh, Brombeeren, wie lecker. Mmmmh. Ich habe schon ganz viele gegessen. Herr Buchstabenwiese hat mir letzte Woche jeden Morgen welche gepflückt, als er mit Felix spazieren war. Das hat er vorher noch nie gemacht. Er hat die Beeren unterwegs entdeckt und mir jedes Mal ein paar gepflückt. Ich habe sie dann immer zum Frühstück dazu gegessen. Lecker. 🙂 Er hat auch gestöhnt, weil sie so schwer zu pflücken sind. 🙂 Er würde sich bestimmt auch über dornlose Brombeeren freuen.
    Liebe Grüße,

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