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Change is inevitable, but not necessarily always a good thing. People of my parents’ day were usually glad to see what they called “progress.” It meant that their hard life would be made easier. I suppose when you have grown up without the modern conveniences that we now take for granted, “progress” seems like  a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, progress usually involves an increase in population to support businesses, and with the influx of people comes the bad with the good.

At one time, we didn’t have to fence our semi-rural property because no one came along to ruin its quiet  ambiance. Yes, I had to set aside a small area to put the deer’s favourite plants behind some kind of fencing, but I loved seeing the animals visiting our yard.

Our once quiet neighbourhood  is now a high-traffic dog walk; in many cases a place where irresponsible people come to let their dogs run free. The deer can no longer visit in peace and I’ve been forced to fence my yard.

But as I went through some older photos, I found this one from the days before “progress.”

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37 thoughts on “Progress?

  1. That’s a real bummer Anneli, some people have zero respect for others’ property and peace and quiet. Such a gorgeous photo!! ❤️

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  2. That’s such a shame. Beautiful photo though. 🙂

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  3. Hi Anneli! The small deers are so beautiful! You are so lucky to have a nice garden and animals visitng you every now and again!


  4. Beautiful photo, Anneli. The houses here at the hatchery were fenced in when we came (only in the back) but the deer still jump the fences if they really want something. Unfortunately, our yard is all dry grass right now. I wish I had a beautiful flower garden! Your property is lovely. 🙂

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  5. What a shame. That’s a beautiful photograph, Anneli.


  6. That’s sad. I believe if we truly respect what we have, we can respect what other have too. Each person represents so much more than what he/she is. The person represents the place he/she is from, the kind of upbringing he/she has had, the values that he/she believes in etc etc. Increase in the number of people is something we cannot do much about. We can only hope that the people who move in to a new place has that respect and regard for their and others neighborhoods.
    Loved the pics.

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  7. What a great scene! It’s a shame that folks aren’t as considerate as they should be. I’m lucky to be far enough away from any towns so that isn’t problem yet here.

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  8. It really is a shame when you have to fence in your own property. The lack of civility is getting worse.


  9. I like progress, but not in this case.
    Deers on our backyard. We can only dream of it.

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  10. Aww, a sweet little Bambi eating your pretty flowers. 😉 Have a great weekend, Anneli. Are you having nice weather?

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  11. Funny, here where we are living now, people respect each other’s property. Back on the Charlottes a lot of them were intruding our privacy. Horses, cows and dogs were making our little farmlife hard. But we didn´t have a fence around our property (2 acres), we could´t afford it then. But we also had good visits from deer, bears and bald eagles. This made us feel better. I am sure about that 24 years later it’s a mess there too. Wildlife had to back up and more and more people moved in – is this progress?
    Lovely picture of the deer in your wonderful garden!

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    • Exactly, that’s my point. Is this progress? But in our case here, it’s not the neighbours who are bad; it’s people who come from farther away, from subdivisions where they have mowed down every tree and shrub and now come looking for what they’ve destroyed on their own property. Soon they will have it all turned into a downtown park (with plenty of doggie doo) instead of natural the way it was.


  12. Thank goodness you have this wonderful photo. Unfortunately progress is a two-edged sword.

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  13. Ach wie schade. Das ist so ein schönes Foto. Diese Freiheit in der Natur.
    Ja, leider gibt es immer wieder einige egoistische und unverantwortliche Menschen, die das mit ihrem Verhalten zerstören. So ist es hier auch. Die meisten sind nett und verantwortungsbewusst und achten das Eigentum anderer und die Natur. Es sind meist nur wenige, die aber mit ihrem Verhalten solche Maßnahmen nötig machen. Wirklich schade, liebe Anneli.
    Herzliche Grüße,

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