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Three Skies, One Moment


The last of the evening sun’s rays add a sweet pink tinge to the rare scattering of clouds in the eastern  sky. I’ve been watching for clouds, desperately hoping for a few drops of rain to end weeks of sweltering heat and parching drought.

I turn to the southwest. The glow of sunset touches clumps of cloud and wisps of smoke that have drifted into the valley from faraway wildfires.

I turn a few more degrees to the west and I’m left wondering if this is a sunset or another of those raging wildfires I’ve seen too much of on the television news. But yes, it is the sunset, searing us for a few more moments before allowing us to recover from yet another day of being barbecued.

We’ve been promised rain for today, but somehow, I don’t think it’s going to happen. The clouds that have moved in are way too high and way too thin. Just a hint of hope for relief someday, but probably not today.

Please remind me of this whining post a few months from now when I complain about the relentless wind and rain.

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30 thoughts on “Three Skies, One Moment

  1. The clouds as beautiful as they are to my knowledge usually bring no rain. I hope you have more luck next time, Anneli.

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  2. We have a lot of smoke here in the Okanagan from the fires that are all around, but we are actually supposed to be getting rain today. Fingers crossed – we really need it.

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  3. I can relate. It has been humid and hot where I live as well. This morning it poured!!!! I actually sat on my porch and listened to the sound of the rain and the sound of the flowers and trees slurping. In my older age, I have come to love rain.

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  4. Good luck with rain, to you, Anneli, and to us.
    Enjoy the weekend,

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  5. I’m sitting at our kitchen table now, watching the lake behind our house disappear. We’ve been so dry and extremely humid since spring. Hopefully autumn will bring us a chance for rain and less humidity.

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  6. Beautiful pictures. Interestingly, there’s been no rain here for days. Pretty much unheard of for the rainy season.

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  7. It’s been a very hot dry summer in many parts of the country. Hope you get some rain. Lovely shots.

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  8. I was surprised by the resemblance of the sky to the images of the wildfires we’ve been seeing on tv.


  9. Almost no rain since April were I live, just a few little rainshowers for a few minutes at the time. A lot of people which have water from their wells are out of water, so are we. And this dry and hot spell will last till at least the end of August they say. I pray for rain for all of us!

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  10. Gorgeous photos, Anneli. Nature is a beauty in spite of the scorching heat.

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  11. I thought that section of North America didn’t have a dry season and was known for being rainy and dreary. IOW, is this unusual?

    It’s been hot and dry here, too. We did get some rain one day last week and it’s forecast for this Wednesday again. Hopefully, they’re right.

    Here’s to refreshing rains . . . but just enough and not too much. 😉


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