Where There’s Fire, There’s Smoke

Generally, I look out my window at this refreshing scene. The air is clean even if it is a bit cloudy.

This morning, I took that same outlook and zoomed in for a closer look. It didn’t help make things any clearer.  There are no clouds in the sky. That would be too good as it might mean rain.


Here is another scene (to the right of the first photo) from some time ago when the air was clean in spite of the cloud cover.

The same view but harder to see.


And no wonder we can’t see much. So much smoke in the air from wildfires easily obscures the sun. This photo of the rising sun was taken early this morning.  Wildfires burning on the island are less than  100 miles away, and the smoke is drifting into our valley and hanging there.

My eyes are dry, it hurts to blink,

The smoke’s not good to breathe, I think.

My throat is scratchy, as I croak,

My vocal chords are full of smoke.

The Captain calls and asks, “What’s wrong?”

I tell him that the smoke is strong

From fires burning all around,

And ask, when are you homeward bound?

He’ll be home soon, he starts to say,

But then the sat phone cuts away.

We’ll talk again another time,

He doesn’t need to hear me whine.

And when he gets here he will sigh,

For misty isles of Haida Gwaii.

No smoke or drought does plague them there

The constant gales will clear the air.




53 thoughts on “Where There’s Fire, There’s Smoke

  1. lorigreer

    I can’t believe we are facing another summer of fires. We are heading to Canada in a few weeks…last year in Whistler we could barely see the sun on some days.
    I hope you are well and enjoying your summer in spite of the fires.
    Take care, Lori

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  2. shoreacres

    Strange that we have the same skies now, but it’s Saharan dust blowing in again. It was remarkably heavy last night, but it’s still better than smoke from fires. Your poem certainly communicates the physical effects of the smoke — I keep thinking of the firefighters, and how strong they must be to keep going in all that.

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    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      I can’t imagine what they go through. The heat, the smoke, the sweat, the hard work, exhaustion, dehydration, panic in some cases. They are true heroes. Heartbreaking that some have died trying to save others.

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  3. Peter Klopp

    With a humorous attitude as expressed in your lovely poem one can take the smoke and the forest fires a little better. We are far worse off in the Interior of BC. The sun shows up around noon and disappears in the late afternoon. Best wishes! Peter

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    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      Yes, I see that on the air quality site. You’re at 10+ which is NOT good. Even with our smoke-cloud cover here on the coast, it looked like when the solar eclipse was on – that half light. Eerie!
      Let’s hope it rains soon and washes this smoke away.

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  4. montucky

    I hope the fires don’t get any closer to you than they already are. We had our local entrance to fire season on Friday afternoon when one exploded about 10 miles from town. Luckily we had a large number of resources available and by Saturday night had its progress stopped. It was 70% contained by 8AM this morning. It was 109ºf on the fire lines Friday and Saturday.

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  5. Debra

    I love your poem, and the photos are amazing! I am here in California where the entire state is currently blazing, but I so often lose sight of the fact that there are other regions similar plagued. I hope that the fires you’re referring to and experiencing will come under control soon. It’s very frightening when they’re close to home.

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    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      I can’t imagine how terrifying it must be for those people in Calif. who are close to the fires, or who have had to evacuate, or have lost homes or loved ones and pets. It amazes me how fires can still get the better of us in our “great” countries where so many things are possible. I hope you’re as far from the fires as you can be and still be in California.


  6. Lori

    Oh ugh. That smoke ruins an otherwise lovely day. I remember having wildfires in Florida in winter, it wasn’t safe to go outside and breathe that in.

    Love the poem. I have a photo of the sun that same color that I took after we moved. I’d never seen it that color in this neck of the woods and wondered why. Now that you shared this, I know it was from fires in the distance. Canadians wildfire smoke can reach here, and there are fires in Wisconsin sometimes, too.

    Stay safe out there.

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      1. buchstabenwiese

        Ja, so wird es wohl sein. All die Menschen, die sich jetzt Regen wünschen … vermutlich werden diese Wünsche dann im November erfüllt. 😉
        Aber im Ernst, ich bete für Regen für euch, damit ihr wieder gute Luft zum atmen habt.
        All die schönen Wälder, die zerstört sind, das ist so traurig.
        Alles Liebe für euch,
        Martina ❤

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