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Sawing Logs


Two years ago at a quilting retreat, I had finished my planned small projects and had time left over to mess around a bit.  I sewed a few left over odds and ends together, making a square in the log cabin pattern.

The strips of fabric are like logs of all different lengths,  stacked into a “log cabin” of sorts. I made 14 of these squares with the shortest “log” being 1 inch and the longest, 9 inches. I thought it was a good way to use up scraps of fabric that would otherwise not be good for much.

Then I had a brainwave: I could put the squares together and make a quilt!

Okay. How many squares would I need? I had a quilt at home with a different design of squares. It was  10 squares across and 11 down, but was a tiny bit small for the bed.

I could do the same thing and add a border.

Great idea. So how many squares would I need to make? 10 times 11 = 110.

I had 14 done (and it had taken me some time).

Only 96 more to go. Eeeeeeee!!! What was I thinking?

But I had already made 14 and I had the “logs” cut out for many more. Too late to abandon the plan.

…. Last night, almost two years later,  I finished the monstrosity. Now, if I snore, I can say I’m sawing logs.

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60 thoughts on “Sawing Logs

  1. I love your work Anneli, really beautiful! ❤️🙏🏻

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  2. Love the color combination…such a pretty quilt to keep you cozy as you slumber. Beautiful work!

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  3. Congratulations! It’s always such a relief to finish a huge project. It looks good. Don’t saw too many logs or you may saw the quilt into pieces and then you have to start all over again.

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  4. Did you post about that retreat? I think I remember…has it been two years? Wow! The quilt looks beautiful, Anneli! Sweet dreams!

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  5. Wow! What a beautiful quilt! Amazing! Excellent work.

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  6. Great job, Anneli! How much love and how many hours went into creating the quilt!!!

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  7. Thanks, Belinda. I’m so glad it’s done.


  8. LOL! Congratulations on wrapping up such a huge project…it looks wonderful!

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  9. That’s no small accomplishment! It’s lovely and congratulations. I have so many “pieces of projects” that have never been completed. I admire your tenacity! And I admire your final product. 🙂

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  10. That was a good idea. It makes a very attractive quilt!


  11. Wow, that is a beauty!

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  12. I have always wanted to make a quilt as I think they look so lovely, but two years….

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  13. What a project, but it turned out beautiful. Great job. Now you can “saw logs” all night long. 😉

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  14. Great job and what a fun way to put a UFO to rest! (pun intended)
    Just wondering, what’s the dimensions of this quilt?

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    • The squares ended up being 8 and a half inches. The border is 4 inches. So 10 squares across (85 inches) + 8 in. of border = 93 in. for the width. Add another 8 and a half in. for the length which was 11 squares long (101.5″). And yes, it was put to rest and passed the test. 😉

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  15. And it is a glorious quilt. Wow!

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  16. I admire your patience, Anneli. Your quilt is beautiful.

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  17. I love it! Beautiful colors! Congratulations on finally finishing this one!

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  18. But oh my gosh, Anneli. Your quilt is BEAUTIFUL. Such talent you have. And patience. I admire both in you. xo

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  19. This is gorgeous! I quilt a little so trust me that I know how much work that is! It came out wonderfully, Anneli. Enjoy sawing this winter.

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  20. With this beautifully work covering you during the winters, you will always sleep real good. You deserve it! For my feeling you are a hero! I could never do it, never!

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  21. Das ist aber viel Arbeit. Ich weiß nicht, ob ich so viel Geduld hätte. 🙂
    Die Decke ist wunderschön geworden, liebe Anneli.
    Liebe Grüße,

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