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Ups and Downs


Great excitement in the front yard. Linc came back for a visit. Who is Linc? If you haven’t met Lincoln the young rascal, you can visit the two blog posts with the links (unavoidable pun) below. Linc doesn’t sit still very long and he’s awfully lippy, scolding me the whole time as I tried to get his picture. He wouldn’t let me get very close so he looks fuzzier than he is in real life, due to being zoomed in on before he zoomed off.

Here are the links of his previous visits.



Sitting under a Douglas fir, Linc contemplates his find.

The hazelnuts from the nearby trees are nearly ripe. Linc checks out the best way to get into the nut.

He savours the flavour.

Best to find a safer place to eat this.

“Oops! There’s Anneli. I’d better run around to the back of the tree.”

“I didn’t intend to go up that high. Getting dizzy!”

“Eek! I’d better put on the brakes before I do a somersault.”

“On second thought, I’m safer up here. The sky’s the limit.”

Lincoln, having made a find

Struggles to make up his mind,

Up the tree and down the tree,

From up top you sure can see.

There’s a lady down below

Hoping for a picture show.

“What about the nut I’ve found

By the tree down on the ground?

Surely she won’t want it back,

It was very hard to crack.

She has plenty in  her yard,

And for me the winter’s hard.

I don’t think she’s mad at me

Fallen hazelnuts are free 

Just in case though, I will run

Way up high towards the sun.

I will scamper up this tree.

Hide beneath its canopy.

Then I’ll chatter and I’ll scold

And she’ll know that I am bold.

She will write another post

‘Bout the squirrel she loves the most.”

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28 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. He’s so cute! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, cute is right, John! How come we are so forgiving when the squirrels steal the nuts? Perhaps they are so cute? Great pictures, Anneli!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great pics! and cute poem.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks, Darlene. He’s hanging around out in the same trees (close to the nut trees).


  5. Cute fellow. Your squirrels are much smaller than ours here. I like the poem and the pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. He looks like he’s enjoying himself.

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  7. Cute poem. Since you have hunting dogs, do they chase the squirrels?

    We’ve been seeing a squirrel lately on our walks with Max. It doesn’t seem afraid of us, so I wonder if someone is feeding it. Max watches the squirrels and rabbits on our walks, but he doesn’t try to get them. He’s not a real chaser of such things, unless they are in his yard. He does tend to want to chase them from his territory, but he doesn’t care about catching them. It must be more of a herding thing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Our dogs are interested, but they soon figured out they can’t climb trees and they’ve given up on trying to catch the squirrel. Now, if it were a rabbit, look out! We don’t really want them to get too interested in chasing things other than the game birds we’re after and then it’s mainly a flushing and retrieving job. I’d be really upset if the dogs caught a squirrel but it’s not going to happen. The squirrels are too fast and they’re up a tree in a split second.

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      • Interesting. Good that you discourage chasing anything but game birds. Max isn’t interesting in catching.

        One time, our dog Piezon got loose and chased a cat. When the cat stopped running and let Piezon catch up, he just stood there barking. Not vicious or anything, just sort of lost as to what to do next. I think Max might do the same thing if it happened to him. They are the same breed and are similar personalities.

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  8. Amazing photos, Anneli. I love the one with the nut in his mouth. And a great poem about your little friend. He reminds me of the Chip and Dale cartoon. What a character. 🙂

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  9. Always so fun to witness the activities outside our own species. Lincoln found a great treasure. Fun post, Anneli, thank you.

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  10. What a healthy and happy looking little guy!!! So cute!

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