Aitch Two Oh!

No rain all summer, until a couple of days ago. At last, at last, the skies opened up and water poured out.

The drops of water on the deck made beautiful rings on the wet surface. (Well, I guess they look pretty ordinary, but I was overjoyed to see them.) Ask me again in January if I still love rain.

For you–haiku.

 Thirsty plants revive,

Wildfires sizzle and burn out,

Rain pelts down on them.

26 thoughts on “Aitch Two Oh!

  1. roughwighting

    Rain is so beautiful in your photos. And in fact, when we don’t get it, rain becomes like a mirage in the desert and is SO enjoyed when it finally is released from the heavens. We had a day like that on Tuesday – from Hurricane Florence – and its exciting and yet frightening when it comes down that hard and fast. Love your haiku.

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        1. wordsfromanneli Post author

          Yes, my first. I had to look up how many syllables each line was to have. It’s fun though, isn’t it? I’ve read haikus, of course, but I’ve never tried to write one. I’m encouraged to try again.



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