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Passing By


Leaving the dreary, rainy west coast behind took a few hours longer than expected, as the wet weather stretched eastward for more than 100 miles.

But on the highway between Hope and Princeton (in BC),  the clouds lifted and the day became quite pleasant. Ruby and Emma were happy to get out of their traveling crates to have a quick swim and a dash along the banks of the Similkameen River.

At Osoyoos we crossed the Canada/US border and headed for Omak and then eastern Washington. The sun played games on the fields, turning them golden when it peeked out over cloud banks.

The pullout after reaching the summit at Mullan Pass in Montana allowed time for a five-minute break and the snapping of a photo.

Winding our way along the Clark Fork and the Missouri Rivers, we ooh-ed and ah-ed at the scenery. Rocky formations on one side, and gorgeous river on the other.

As we got closer to our destination in eastern Montana and the hills were not so pronounced, we saw more coyotes, hawks, and several groups of pronghorn antelope. This bunch allowed me a quick drive-by shooting if I promised not to hurt them as we whizzed past.

Having arrived, I will post eastern Montana photos for the next while. Had to laugh as I wrote that “I have arrived.”

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17 thoughts on “Passing By

  1. Great shots 🙂
    Life is Good !

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  2. Wow! Such breathtaking views…thanks for sharing your trip with us. I’ve always wanted to visit Montana…can’t wait!

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  3. Great photos, Anneli…Ooh…Ah!

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  4. Love coming along for the ride.


  5. How very exciting to be in eastern Montana, Anneli. Thanks for sharing the outstanding views of your journey. And so very fun to see the pronghorn. Have fun in Montana, looking forward to seeing more.


  6. I hope you enjoy your stay. From what I can tell, the weather ought to be pretty good for the next week or so.


  7. Very nice pictures.

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  8. Beautiful scenes. I particularly like the play of light on the field.

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