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So Much Bull


What’re YOU lookin’ at?

I was just admiring your unique earrings. But shouldn’t they be on a girl cow?

Harrumpf! Come over here and say that.

Oh sorry. I meant to say they’re … ah … er … elegant.

I think that’s a lot of BULL-tweety.

Well, who am I to argue with this guy? I was just trying to be nice, when all I could think of was rib-eye steaks and chateaubriand.

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23 thoughts on “So Much Bull

  1. Aw…he’s got a sweet face!

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  2. He looks like he needs a hug. ❤

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  3. When I was a little kid on the farm, the bulls terrified me. And I was petrified when my dad was leading it with the bull ring to take it back to its owner.

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    • I still am terrified of them, and even of the cows. I said to the lady who owns the farm where this bull is, “I’ve always been scared of cows. They just stare at you and drool that slime, and you don’t know what they’re thinking.”
      “Not much,” she said.


  4. Beautiful animal. Great shots.

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    • LOL. Beautiful…I suppose. There’s something wrong with me. All I can think about is that I want to kill him and eat him. I love steak, roast, beef-anything. And yet, I’m so afraid of him. I couldn’t bring myself to stand beside him on his side of the fence for fear he’d trample me and drool all over me.


  5. Lots of steaks on that one. 😉

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