Oh Deer, Deer.

Dear me, these mule deer are late for school. They are just down the hill from the school beyond the fence.

See them there, talking about whether it’s wise to skip school. The leader of the pack reminds them that this school has been closed since 1966, and the teacher is long gone.

But what to do about this fence. Who will go first to show how it’s done? Finally, one of them hops over and the rest follow, running until they are out of sight. They are already far away from me, but they’re taking no chances.

This white-tailed deer is a bit braver and as long as I didn’t try to get out of the truck it posed for a couple of pictures. You can see the line where I didn’t have the window lowered enough.

They’re only deer, whether mule deer or white-tailed deer, but I like to take a picture of them because they are such en”dear”ing animals. Maybe I watched too many Walt Disney movies, but I love seeing these gentle animals.

By the way, if there are any truck experts out there, I’d appreciate knowing the models and year of the trucks by the school.

I will be on the road for a few days, but will answer your comments when I am connected again.

24 thoughts on “Oh Deer, Deer.

  1. Still the Lucky Few

    Great shots, but I’m curious about the school. I went to a school which looked very much like that one, positioned out there on the ‘lone prairie’. I’d be very tempted to peek into the windows to see if any of the old desks and blackboards survived!

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  2. Lori

    Hi Anneli. Love the old school and pickup trucks. Hubby says the old rusted one is a five-window Chevy pickup – maybe 1952. The other one not sure about. Maybe a 60’s Chevy?

    Have safe travels.

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    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      Thanks for that, Lori. The thing about old trucks and machinery in that part of the country is that it doesn’t rust as quickly as it would in the salty coastal air, so they are much better preserved over the years.

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  3. Marsha

    Enjoyed your Montana Blogs Anneli, the photography of the solitude of the open areas, the mule deer, big sky’s, cottonwood trees with golden leaves; Where are the birds? Clap Clap Hoorah!

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