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It’s Time


The autumn days are nearing their end. Nights are colder. Even though this coming week is one last promise of warmer weather, we know it can’t last. The RV park is emptying out. It’s soon time to go home.

It’s been a treat,

But where’s the heat?

A week’s reprieve

Will cold relieve,

The sun’s last rays 

Of autumn days

Will soon be gone

And cold comes on.

It’s time to go

Before the snow,

Back home to rain

And rain and rain.

Author: wordsfromanneli

Writing, travel, photography, nature, more writing....

29 thoughts on “It’s Time

  1. Looking out at a few flurries falling. Enjoy the remaining good weather.

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  2. We’ve gone from hot and humid to cold, Anneli. What happened to my autumn temperatures? 😦

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  3. Ahhhh, winter.
    I miss you so. Love, Hans 🙂

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  4. That rain does sound a bit dreary.

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    • It’s coming !! We wanted to stay longer, but the thought of snow in the mtn. passes…. Glad we left (reluctantly) when we did because it ended up being a beautiful drive home and we missed the snow that is sure to follow soon.

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  5. It’s always kind of sad to leave, isn’t it.

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  6. I can FEEL the cold and rain!

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  7. The last lines cracked me up. So far we’ve had a glorious October. I hope the rain holds off a little more. 🙂

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  8. Nice poem! We’re getting rain next week just in time for Halloween.

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  9. Beautiful photos, peaceful and inviting.

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