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Are you a gambler?

Driving past a collection of houses, many of them uninhabited, I noticed the sign on one of the buildings: Lone Tree Casino.

Gambling casinos are typical of the businesses you find nowadays on  Reserves. Some of these establishments are huge monstrosities, looking out of place on the undeveloped land. This one is unpretentious. At first I thought it was a derelict building, no longer in use, but on reflection, I may be wrong.

It seems to be a desolate town, and for those who regularly visit this establishment, a sad way to spend the time in this windowless building. But that’s just my humble opinion.

There has been improvement though. No longer should it be called Lone Tree Casino. I see many trees in the area now.

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20 thoughts on “Casino

  1. Wouldn’t be surprising if it’s still in use.

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  2. When I drive up to Kansas City from Houston, I pass a big casino just across the Texas/Oklahoma line. It’s pretty glitzy, but it looks strange because it’s also in the middle of a desolate area. I finally figured out the reason for its location. It’s not trying to draw from Oklahoma’s urban areas; its target population is Texans, coming across the state line to indulge in the gambling that’s still illegal in Texas!

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  3. Not a fan of gambling.

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  4. I’ve only been inside of a casino once. It was dark, smokey, no windows and no clocks…so depressing!

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  5. Love that big beautiful sky–


  6. That would be a long way to go to gamble. Perhaps only a short way for just a few people who live in the area. Which could still be miles away. Seems like you were hanging around ghost towns on your vacation.

    Speaking of casinos, we had an Indian Reservation Seminole Casino right near where I lived in Florida. It was humungous, with a Hard Rock Café and a luxury hotel. We used to go gamble a couple of times a year just for something different to do. It was quite a beautiful place. We used to eat at the food court, which also had gourmet food.

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  7. Wouldn’t be a lot of competition at that casino.

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  8. I’m glad you noticed the trees and chuckled at your sense of humor, Anneli. 😀

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