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American Beauty, or Land of Broken Dreams?


Montana is a beautiful state, at least in the spring, summer, and fall. I would not want to spend a winter in Montana (because … okay, I admit it, I’m a wimp). Their winters  are harsh.

Seeing so many abandoned buildings in this state, I have come to think of Montana as a land of broken dreams (for many). In pioneer days, people must have come to Montana with hope and enthusiasm. They built their homes and tilled the soil, and waited for the crops to grow.

Then came the winter, the loneliness, and the difficulty in traveling the mile or two  in harsh conditions for a sanity-restoring visit with the nearest neighbour.

What if you had an emergency, an accident, or your child was ill, and needed a doctor?

Is it any wonder that sometimes dreams turned into nightmares?

Some of these abandoned homes may have been left standing empty when a newer, more modern house was built nearby, but many simply became a place escaped from, left for the coyotes and pigeons to explore.

Here is one house that has seen happier days.

And here is another.

If only the walls could talk, what stories we would hear!


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37 thoughts on “American Beauty, or Land of Broken Dreams?

  1. I can relate to those sad lonely lives as I lived on a farm in Saskatchewan when I was a kid. Thank God, my mother got us to the city.

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  2. P.S. A friend of mine put together a book called, “They Came” about pioneer women who came to the Canadian prairies. It’s fascinating to read about their lives.

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  3. I lived in Alberta for many years. I’ve seen lots of abandoned homes there as well although not as many as there used to be. Very poignant photos.

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  4. I imagine there is a different story associated with each one.

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  5. Thoughtful post, evocative photos.

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  6. Whenever I see these abandoned homes, I always wonder about the people who once resided inside and where they might have gone. Once, while traveling through North Carolina to the beach, we went through an entire town that was deserted…the schools, homes, buildings…it was creepy. I enjoyed your photographs, Anneli.

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  7. It’s sad to see those abandoned home.

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  8. Fixer Upper Dream’s are made here……….:-)

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  9. That’s really desolate. How far was the nearest town? I remember driving through South Dakota last year, and there was nothing for hundreds of miles. I was very uncomfortable just driving through, let alone living there. BTW, I can’t imagine you being a wimp after the cold climate you were raised in.

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  10. So bleak, WITHOUT snow on the ground.

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  11. I love the last line of your post. It’s exactly what I was thinking as I looked at those pictures. Those places are brimming with stories.

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  12. This resonated with me, since I spent my early years on a homestead on the Northern Alberta prairie. It was lonely for my mother, but my sisters and I found plenty to do, and had lots of fun. My family moved away to the city (yes, leaving the abandoned homestead), and on to a new life. I’ve been back only two times, and found it too devastating to visit again!

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  13. LOVE these photos. LOVE them.

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  14. Yes, if only the walls could talk. Beautiful photos and thinking.

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  15. wow, very impressing! America is really an impressing part of the world, with beautiful nature 🙂 Thank you for sharing this! Have a nice evening and best wishes from holidays in south tyrol 😉 yours verena ❤

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    • Thanks for visiting here, Verena. We love coming here for a holiday and there is so much more to see than we could possibly do in a lifetime. It’s a huge country. You live in a beautiful part of the world yourself.


  16. I liked these photographs and wondered if you were visiting friends or family in Montana? Hope you had a good time! Maybe you will imagine a new story to publish about the prairie families, Anneli. 📖📔

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  17. I like the open land and the old structures. Like you mentioned, I too wonder the stories behind each one. 🙂

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