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The Curse of the Camisoles


My mother-in-law had a box of my novels delivered to her place  while I was away in Montana. When I got home, I got the Captain to collect it and bring it home.

I was looking for scraps of paper to start a fire in the woodstove and noticed some tissue paper on the box of books. Might as well burn that. It would be perfect for starting the kindling.

That evening, m-i-l phoned and said she had sent two camisoles over for me to fix for her.

“Oh? I didn’t see any camisoles,” I told her. 

“They were wrapped in tissue paper.”

A heat wave swept over me, hotter than the fire I had made with the tissue paper. Could I really have burned those camisoles? Wouldn’t I have noticed that something was inside the paper?  I looked all over the house for camisoles wrapped in tissue paper and finally phoned m-i-l back. 

“I must have made a fire with them when I was burning papers. But I don’t know how I wouldn’t have noticed them.”

“Well … they’re very thin …,” she said. “But don’t worry about it.”

About a week later, my m-i-l phoned. “Guess what I found? Wrapped in tissue paper between two blouses in my dresser drawer.” 

We both laughed with relief. She’s nearly 97 and is allowed to have a senior moment now and then. But my laughing stopped short when I realized, Oh no. Now I still have to do the sewing repairs. 

Okay, well bring them over when you come for supper next time. DON’T wrap them in tissue paper. Just throw them into a plastic bag. Then I won’t try to make a fire with them.”

And that is what she did. She put them in a plastic bag and I had them in my hand the day she came over for supper.  I was very busy getting the meal on the table and putting food  away into the fridge.

The next day, the cursed camisoles were nowhere to be found.

I searched the house thoroughly three times from top to bottom. No camisoles anywhere and I had no excuse to have a senior moment.

Two days ago,  I took my m-i-l shopping, and bought her two new camisoles.

This morning, the Captain was making a sandwich and called out to me, “ANNELI! Guess what I found.”

“No idea. What?”

“I was looking for lettuce to put on my sandwich, and you know how you always wrap it in a paper towel and put it in a plastic bag? Well, just come and see.”

One bag has lettuce in it, and the other has … you guessed it … two camisoles.

And as much as I was relieved to find the cursed things, the next thought that popped into my mind was, Arrrgh…. Now I have to repair them after all.

I have decided to do that, and then quietly put them into m-i-l’s Christmas stocking (wrapped in tissue paper, the way she likes it).

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42 thoughts on “The Curse of the Camisoles

  1. LOL! Are you serious? That’s so funny, Anneli!

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  2. Senior moments……..Ahhhhh, the curse 🙂
    Some end bad and/or expensive. Seems this one ended up great for your mom, 🙂
    Life is Good !

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  3. HAHAHAHA! I laughed out loud! I’ve misplaced things too, but those camisoles are cursed. 🙂

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  4. Okay…so you bought two new camisoles before you found the sandwich wrapped original ones…soooo: You don’t really need to alter/darn the original camisoles, right?
    I’d say a few misplaced (?) tissue wrapped camisoles is pretty good for a 97yr old – and that you as a d – i – l are a dear in dealing with this situation so patiently.

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  5. Thanks Anneli! I needed that!

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  6. Thank you for giving me this hearty laugh. I was feeling depressed this morning and you cheered me up. This is a classic. 😀

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  7. What a fun read. Thanks for the chuckles along the way. You really must write a book with all the stories from your blog. Always enjoyable and thought provoking. Rachel

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  8. OMG! Just wrap them and put them under the tree! LOL!!!

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  9. What a funny story, Anneli! 😅

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  10. What a funny story. I burst out laughing that they were in the fridge disguised as lettuce. I’m not sure those camisoles really want to be repaired, but they’ll make a nice stocking gift!

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  11. So funny. 🙂 But I wouldn’t have found it to be so at time either.

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  12. Life offers us precious moments. We don’t always understand the “why” so we must enjoy the journey.

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