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West Coast Travels


At the end of the fishing season this past summer, the Captain was ready to head home.  A new phase of the adventure begins with the rising sun.

Along the way home, he stops to check out this little building. You would never guess that inside this shack is a pleasant surprise.  A cemented enclosure fills with warm water through a  pipe from hotsprings behind the cabin. Step inside and have a soak to take the ache out of your bones.

The falls at the head of Lowe Inlet splash relentlessly. Except for the odd raven chuckling in the treetops, the rush and gurgle of the water are the only sounds. If you think you might want to try casting a dry fly towards a coho, be sure to take your bear spray with you – just in case.

 Need a warm cabin for drying out those wet clothes? This Fisheries cabin at Lowe Inlet, aptly named the Lowe Budget Hotel,  is very cozy after the Captain has spent some time trying his luck fishing in the cold mist of the falls. 

He remembers to follow the rules about the woodstove, posted on the wall. Don’t want to risk burning the cabin down.

Almost there. Running the boat down Grenville Channel.  Beautiful trip but there’s no place like home.

Meanwhile at home, I’ve been writing, and thinking about my fictitious character, Andrea, who has had an experience that seems bizarre at first. But in truth, this has happened to other women who have ventured out to the coast.

How did a city girl like her became trapped in an isolated cabin on this remote coast? Will she ever escape this lonely place where she must live with a man who is mentally deranged?

You can download The Wind Weeps (FREE), and then you can find out the conclusion in a sequel, Reckoning Tide, that is only $2.99. When did you last get so much enjoyment and entertainment for such a small price?

Why not get them both today at amazon.com or amazon.ca and smashwords.com?

You can find them all with supporting reviews at my website www.anneli-purchase.com

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29 thoughts on “West Coast Travels

  1. Swept away by your photos. Felt like I was there Anneli.

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  2. These photos are absolutely amazing, Anneli. I couldn’t seem to scroll past the third shot.

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  3. Wondering if the Captain took a soak in those hidden hot springs?
    BTW: I like how you incorporate an event with the mentioning of your books – such a natural segue that intrigues rather than seems like just another marketing ploy.

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  4. Those photos are gorgeous. 🙂

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  5. If the Captain ever decides to retire from fishing, you will have to keep the boat for making extended trips up and down the coast. Wow, love the photos! I think I would enjoy a night or two or three at the Lowe Budget Hotel. What a treat after being out in the elements, and it beats sleeping in a tent on the wet ground. (not to mention all the critters out there looking for a snack).

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    • We will have to keep the boat (or A boat). I can’t imagine the Captain without a boat. We used to do a lot of little trips along the coast before and after fishing before the industry got so stressful. I think it’s soon a good time to return to those days of short holiday boat outings.


  6. Lovely post, Anneli! I’ve lived on Vancouver Island for almost 50 years, and have yet to venture north to the Charlottes! I don’t suppose I’ll ever make the trip now, although my children have and say the usual things about them—fabulously beautiful, but so remote! I loved your pictures, and will someday dip into your stories! Thanks for this!

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    • Thanks, Diane. I was glad we lived in the Charlottes for six years, but to be honest, I missed many of the things that come with urban living too. I enjoyed the time on the islands mainly because we had a boat. Otherwise, the short stretch of highway would soon get boring. With a boat there was so much to explore and we loved it. Like most places, the islands are changing and some of the romance is gone, but there are still pockets of paradise up there if you know where to look. Always nice to hear from you. Thanks so much for your kind comments.


  7. The Captain certainly has an interesting commute. And, if you haven’t read The Wind Weeps, get a copy now. The story brings these pictures to life.

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  8. What a beautiful place. Your photos are captivating.

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  9. Those beautiful pictures made me homesick again. We were so lucky to be able to live there for 18 years. The moss between our toes is gone by now but we still think a lot about the adventures we had and we will never forget those best years in our life! Thanks for sharing those pictures.

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  10. Gorgeous photos. That first shack looks like it’s about to fall over.

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