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Apple of my Eye


I was disappointed to read that “apple of my eye” probably refers to the pupil of my eye. It has been used in many Biblical quotations, usually in connection with protecting someone. For example, in Psalm 17:8 7:8: “Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings”.

I prefer to think of the expression as meaning someone you like very much.
“She’s the apple of my eye.

As I peeled many, many apples, the wheels turned in my head.

“What a silly expression! Do I want to be the apple in someone’s eye? How dumb is that?”

But old expressions are often like that, and the meaning changes over the centuries.

Luckily, the apple hasn’t changed much. It is still tasty enough to tempt anyone to risk being tossed out of the Garden of Eden.

In my little garden, far from Eden quality, I have lots of apples. Too many to eat all at once, even after sharing many with friends (without tossing them out of the garden).

It is time though, to do something with the last of the apple harvest. I have enough frozen apples, and I’ve eaten all I want for the moment. I can only bake so much before we have to go to Weight Watchers. So what to do?

Last week we had friends over for a visit and they brought us apples they had dried in slices. The light came on in my dull head. Didn’t I have a dehydrator in my pantry? I hauled it out and got busy.

The dehydrator has five trays that sit over a little heater and fan.  Load the trays with fruit, stack them, put the lid on, open the vent on top, plug in the dehydrator, and then go read a book while they dry (for several hours). You might want to choose a nice long book like “War and Peace” or “Gone With the Wind.” It takes a while.

I peeled my apples, but it’s not necessary. Personal choice. As the bottom tray had some dried  apple pieces ready, I took them out and put them into a bowl and re-filled the empty space on the trays with some banana slices.  I suppose you can try drying just about anything. Herbs from the garden, for example.

The dried fruit makes a delicious and healthy snack when it’s done.

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29 thoughts on “Apple of my Eye

  1. The gardener used to do this as he loves dried fruit. Me not so much, but I am not a fruit person. I ought to ask him if he knows where the dehydrator is or if we still have it! Thanks for the idea!

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  2. Great idea!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you,

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  3. Great idea. I love dried fruit, especially pears.


  4. Great idea. I love dried fruit, especially pears.

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  5. Dried fruit is a wonderful snack if you are out hiking. No sticky mess and very lightweight. Fruit leather, as they call it, is also a wonderful treat using a dehydrator. Dried pineapple and pears are wonderful, as are mango slices or papaya. Have fun!

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  6. “might want to choose a nice long book like “War and Peace” or “Gone With the Wind.” It takes a while.” LOL! I’ve never really eaten dried fruit, but I eat two apples a day!

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  7. Your post made me think of my father’s apple pies. Nobody, but nobody, has ever made a better apple pie. I guess that’s how childhood memory works. 🙂

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  8. I haven’t done that in years but I remember it seemed to take forever. Used to make great venison jerky in the dehydrator too.

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  9. I’m always looking for tasty, healthy snacks. I’m going to look into a dehydrator, thanks for the idea!

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  10. I have 4 dehydrators for the mushrooms to dry. I think I will do some fruits since there are no mushrooms around now. But I think the fruits take longer than mushrooms. Good idea!

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  12. What a great idea. Are they crispy like potato chips afterward? Can you sprinkle the apples with cinnamon as they dry? How long do they stay good in this dehydrated form? I wish I had room for a dehydrator. Maybe one day if I ever get to cleaning out closets and cabinets with stuff we don’t need anymore. 😛

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    • They can be chewy or crispy, depending on how long you dry them. Crispy is safer for keeping longer (no moisture left), but we have hung them in an onion bag (big open weave) over the woodstove once they came out of the dehydrator. That is putting the final dryness to them. I suppose you could put cinnamon on them but usually with cinnamon you want sugar and these are just plain apples, not sugared. They’re very good just as they are.

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  13. Yum! And a great idea.

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  14. I love hearing about the origin of ‘sayings’ that are so familiar to us. So interesting to hear about ‘the apple of my eye”!

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