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The Wild Winds Weep


The wild winds weep

And the night is a-cold

Come hither, Sleep,

And my griefs unfold.

I wish I could claim this poem as my own creation, but I can’t. It is from a poem called “Mad Song,” by William Blake.

I was quite taken by this poem when I wrote my first novel of a coastal drama in which the wild weather played a significant role. That is why I used “The Wind Weeps” as my title.

I’m not trying to persuade you to click on the book cover image at the side for the free download of that book, but if you do, remember book two, “Reckoning Tide.”

It’s just that today the weather is so wild. The wind is crying out there,  whipping up the waves, just as it is in parts of my book.

Driving past Point Holmes on my way home from shopping, I stopped to take a few pictures. I had to hang onto the car door tightly so it wouldn’t rip off. A torn rotator cuff on a person is painful, but on a car door it would be  expensive  – so, also painful in a way.

It takes  a good stiff wind to give these waves foaming, frothy tops. In the photo below you can see a smooth line near the bottom of the picture. That is the paved boat launch ramp. No one is using it today for obvious reasons. No way I’d want to be tossing around in a small boat out there.

Even the little songbirds were looking for shelter. They swarmed in small clouds to and from the beach. Some flew in to land on the rocks and logs, but my photo doesn’t show the tiny birds well. I enlarged the photo to have a look (as you may be able to do by clicking on it), and I counted at least twelve small birds. It’s a tough time for them.

Those mountains in the distance should be clear and sharp. It is only around noon, but the sky is dark and full of raindrops flying sideways so the far shore is fuzzy and the mountains just a haze.

It’s too stormy out there for me. I think Emma has the right idea.


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28 thoughts on “The Wild Winds Weep

  1. Blustery day in WA. State as well…brr! Need a new Anneli Purchase novel to enjoy as we cuddle next to a roaring fire. Emma is so very smart:)

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  2. Beautiful words and photographs. I see that you are becoming a very accomplished writer. Congratulations! I am now writing (after 40 years of teaching and retired). I will continue to check out your blog as well as your other site.

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  3. I would be walking on that beach 5 hours every day 🙂
    Life is Good !

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  4. I love stormy weather, but that fireplace has a lot of appeal too.

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  5. That is a beautiful poem, Anneli. Thanks for sharing. Oh yes, Emma certainly has the right idea…she’s so sweet!

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  6. I guess I shouldn’t tell you that I’m enjoying a beer on the beach as I re-read The Wind Weeps and try (but fail) to imagine the cold stormy sea you are describing here.

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  7. I particularly like the second photo, it captures what you describe, and the one of Emma as well. She does have the right idea!

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  8. Lovely photos! and I love that poem.

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  9. I’m with Emma. Fortunately we have a gas fireplace, and that’s where I am when the cold wind blows!

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  10. I saw you dropped in… Thank you and here I was doing likewise.
    We are on the coast of north Cornwall in the UK, the local beach is one which changes its shape daily due to the varying energies of the winds and tides. Even a daily visit to it always reveals a surprise at how it looks. It was with rain and similarly bracing winds to yours today, the dog and I were also glad to be back home drying out in front of the fire.

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  11. Looking at your beautiful photos, makes me want to stretch out beside Emma relaxing and dream of some palm trees wiggling in a soft breeze ….


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