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The moon was full just a couple of days ago, on November 22.

Somehow, by brightening the night sky, the moon helps take away the gloom of the dull, cloudy days we’ve been having.

I took this picture from my back door, quick, quick, before the moon disappeared behind a cloud.

The moon is associated with magical and mythical things: omens, spells, fictitious creatures (vampires) and of course, with love.

Some moon expressions I have found:

Mooning around — to pine or grieve about something.

Moon someone — to show someone one’s nude posterior.

Moonshine — high-proof distilled spirits, usually produced illicitly.

Moonlight — work at two jobs.

Reach for the moon — aim for a high goal.

Over the moon — to be extremely happy.

The man in the moon — the shadowy shape on the moonscape that looks like a man’s face.

Promise the moon — make a promise that is impossible to keep.

Go between the moon and the milkman — take flight between dark and dawn.

Moonraker — a light square sail set above the sky sail.

Once in a blue moon — seldom (as when a full moon occurs twice in one month).

Shoot the moon — to take a great risk for great rewards.

Bay at the moon —  make appeals in vain.

The moon is made of green cheese – not really the colour green, but referring to the pale yellow colour of “green” (unripe) cheese.

Moon over —  waste time pining or grieving.

Moon-blindness (mooneye) – recurrent inflammation of a horse’s eye, often resulting in eventual blindness.

Lunatic – unstable person.

Loony – crazy.

Honeymoon – holiday immediately after getting married.

Moonface — a round face.

Moonstruck — very much in love.

Moondog (Mock moon) — a relatively rare bright circular spot on a lunar halo, caused by the refraction of light from ice crystals in cirrus clouds.

The Moonies — a religious cult that had a strong hold on (usually) young people they recruited. Named for its Korean founder Sun Myung Moon.

Blood moon — the reddish colour of the moon when it is in eclipse between the earth and the sun.

And then there is our Canadian dollar – the loonie. I suppose it was meant to be named after that beautiful bird, the loon, but to me is seemed like lunacy to downgrade our currency by making our dollar into a piece a small change.


Do you know of some moon expressions?  How about moon boots? The list seems to be endless.


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23 thoughts on “Lunacy

  1. Beautiful picture. I had no idea there were so many “moon” expressions!

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  2. I love the full moon, makes me dream about good things. But I am not “Mondsüchtig” at all (?) maybe I am…

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  3. I always love a full moon, but I always seem to have trouble sleeping those nights. In my teens, when I was driving to the beach with a girlfriend, we were mooned by a group of boys in the car next to mine! Somewhere, I have a photo of it. LOL!

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  4. Nicely done Anneli, photo and expressions. Some that were new to me.

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  5. Great shot and lunar-exapalusa

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  6. I remember moon boots! Great list, Anneli!

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  7. Nice shot Anneli 🙂

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  8. In Finland we have saying:

    Moon is hotter in Mexico.

    Happy new week!

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  9. I mooned over that photo of the moon. Awesome.

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  10. I enjoyed all the moon expressions, and your photo was beautiful. Thank you!


  11. I love how you ended with the loonie hahaha! Very creative post, Anneli!

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