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A Flicker of Light


Sitting in the dark in my living room at about 6:30 this morning, I was surprised by the contrasting colour of the two levels of clouds — one layer of light gray and one of very dark gray. It gave me the shivers to think of the wind and rain that were coming our way.

I was not disappointed. It blew and dumped rain on us. Once the moisture had been thrown into our faces, the clouds lifted (that’s not the same as going away) and the sky brightened up.

The flicker looked up from his perch in the black walnut tree and called to his buddy who had just flown away, “What do you think, Dear? Is this it for today, or is there more coming? Should we find a more sheltered tree to peck on?”


Flicker eyes the roiling sky

Shakes himself and gives a cry,

Shudders at the force of storm,

Sodden feathers, not the norm.

Hoping sun comes shining through,

Flicker asks, “What will I do?

If the next storm is as wild

While I’m wishing it were mild.

Friends will fly away from here,ย 

I’ll be left alone, I fear.

Wait! I see a glimpse of sun.

Surely I’m the happy one.”

Author: wordsfromanneli

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30 thoughts on “A Flicker of Light

  1. That’s the kind of day when I’m glad I’m not a bird.

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  2. Love that eerie photo. I can never get my camera to capture the colors I’m seeing with my eyes. This one captured it beautifully.

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  3. We too have had wild and woolly weather here in Adelaide the last week. Winter has returned as spring marches on.

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  4. Beautiful writing. The pictures are wonderful, too. You have an effective combination between words and photography.

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  5. Great pic, outstanding writing, as alway’s ๐Ÿ™‚
    Life is Good !

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  6. Great photo and writing, Anneli! Thanks for sharing!

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  7. I loved this, Anneli. The early morning photo was particularly striking.

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  8. Beautiful photo of the early morning hours. I have never been much for poems, but yours are always entertaining. ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay dry and cozy by the fireplace.

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    • Thanks, Sonja. Isn’t that funny about poems? I didn’t really care much for poems in school. I figured if you had to have someone interpret them for you, why bother? But I did have a few favourites from school, and then one day, the bug bit me and I had to try writing some myself – the kind that a person could understand though. Nothing too sophisticated.


  9. Beautiful shots and a lovely little poem again. Thanks!

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  10. You have to admire a birdโ€™s tenacity. Sweet poem.

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