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Wind and Rain


Yesterday, on a rare sunny day I was coming home from town when I had to make a quick photo stop. The mist and cloud formations across the bay were ominous, warning of the next weather system coming in.

*Warning* Wet camera lens was an ongoing problem.

I turned the camera back towards town. The spread of the clouds stretched along the far hills. In the water is a long row of posts that has been there ever since I can remember. Not sure what purpose they once served, unless it was a  navigation guide. The posts still stick out at high tide and warn boaters of the bar.

As you can see below, some posts still show in places where the bar is farther below the surface, and the trunk of a long-dead tree is hung up on the gravel. This is not where you want your boat to end up. Seagulls and a heron sit on the log like sentinels warning of hazards to navigation.

After a slightly deeper stretch of water, the bar comes up again and continues into the bay. A river flows along the side of the bar that is closest to us (at the bottom of the photo), while the water beyond is a shallow bay that is a mudflat at very low tide. If you want to bring a boat up the river, you need to know where the channel is or end up with seagulls sitting on your hull.

The sandbar is a popular place for birds to dabble and sun themselves. Sometimes you’ll find ducks and geese there; sometimes, like this day, seagulls.

The sun came blasting through the clouds for one last look at me. I clicked the camera as I looked back into its blinding light, knowing I might not see this light for days ahead.

This morning I see that I was right. Looking out my living room window, I saw what was behind those first clouds I saw yesterday – a blast of southeast duck weather.

It’s a good day to stay home while the Captain goes duck hunting.


Winter on the coast is wet,

Wind and rain is all you get,

Sometimes there’s a glimpse of sun,

Just five minutes, then it’s done,

Back we go to wind and rain,

Hope by spring I’m not insane.


Author: wordsfromanneli

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47 thoughts on “Wind and Rain

  1. living with all that beauty will keep you sane, surely?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Lovely pictures. Clouds are inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. “Hope by spring I’m not insane.” LOL! I can relate to that last line, Anneli. My body is so not ready for the cold winter days ahead. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. Stay warm!

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  4. I wonder if living among the mountains for long, if people get used to it and don’t notice their majesty anymore. I envy mountain scenery.

    For a week we lived with the same misty, gray weather. Now, we’ve had a five-day stretch of brilliant sunshine, but that is supposed to end tomorrow. Looks like a week of wet, gray weather starts tomorrow. 😦 I think it’s traveling from your neck of the woods to come here next.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely scenery. Stay warm and cozy under those gray skies. BTW, do you prepare those ducks for dinner?

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    • I’ve eaten so many ducks over the years that now I’m very tired of them and the Captain gives a lot of them away. He still likes to eat them but I make him do the cooking if he insists on duck. I’ve done my bit over the years.

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  5. Sometimes I think the rainy weather is worse than snow and then I remember icy roads.

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  6. Good thing you made that quick photo stop, Anneli. Not only are these outstanding vistas–water, clouds, open space–but they will remind you of the beauty that surrounds you when the fog and weather have temporarily obliterated it.

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    • So true, Jet. The clouds and fog are constantly changing. If they just sat there covering everything it really could get depressing, but every few minutes some new aspect of winter visits us. Is it any wonder people talk about the weather so much? It’s always news!


  7. Lovely shots. We celebrate the rare glimpse of sun here too. It’s a trade off though as it’s usually accompanied by minus double digit temperatures.

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  8. Those rainy days have their own kind of beauty though.

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  9. Gorgeous Place 🙂
    Life is Good !


  10. Lovely little poem and very nice pictures. We had a heavy snowfall last night and this morning it’s mixed with rain. It’s pretty slippery out there. So be thankful for only the rain.


  11. Beautiful skies, Anneli, with the sun lighting up the clouds. But that doesn’t last long, does it? The poem definitely made me laugh. 🙂

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  12. Gorgeous gorgeous photos with a lovely poem that ends with a laugh. Ah, weather. Love it ’cause you can’t leave it. 🙂

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  13. It’s always hard to take pictures when the sun is in front of you, but you were successful.


  14. Das Wetter sieht ungemütlich aus, liebe Anneli, aber die Bilder sind schön. 🙂
    Bei uns war es heute zwar kalt, aber trocken. Ganz okay. 🙂
    Liebe Grüße,

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  15. Ungemuetlich is an understatement! Yes, it was VERY unpleasant, and the wind and rain continues. At least you see some sunshine in that cold weather. That’s good. Sunshine makes people smile. Ganz okay!

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