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Cool, Flaky Rain


Too late for Christmas, but here it is. Our wind and rain has turned into flaky rain blowing sideways.

The video clip I’ve attached doesn’t really show anything, but just the fact that I’ve posted it must show how incredulous I am about the white stuff coming down after weeks and weeks of wind and rain.


The wet stuff has changed

The drops rearranged,

Snowflakes come down,

They’re blowing around,

Gray sky and breeze,

I’m down on my knees,

I pray it won’t last

And it melts away fast.



Author: wordsfromanneli

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32 thoughts on “Cool, Flaky Rain

  1. It is pretty!

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  2. So far, we’ve avoided this in my part of the midwest. Stay warm!

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  3. Don’t you just love that sound of snow, the way it absorbs noises and causes silence? That looked a little heavy and drifty though. Your weather usually comes our way, but then turns into something a little different. We’re due for snow this weekend. I’m actually looking forward to it, since it’s not a work day and they’re saying it’ll only be a couple of inches. Hopefully that’s all. Today it’s super windy but sunny.

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  4. I’d be right there with you praying, Anneli! It’s pretty, until you have to venture out on the roads.

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  5. I love to watch snow come down and have it stay … as long as I can stay snug and warm inside. I hear you!

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  6. Really got a kick out of your poem, Anneli. The video was fun to see with the snow actually falling. Good luck in the wintry days ahead…stay warm and bake a lot. 🙂

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  7. Well it’s a change from the constant rain. I do like the photo and poem too.

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  8. I’ve got more than enough flakes up here in NWT. 😉

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  9. We’ve had a bit of that white rain too. Strange too, as it melts the next day.

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  10. I could have sent you the same video from here today, it looked very similar. I like the poem and also the video. Stay warm, I do the same

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  11. I’m a teeny tiny itty bitty jealous, Anneli. We’re still stuck on rain. 🙂 I’m glad it melted fast, though.

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  12. I’m like you, Anneli. Awww, isn’t it pretty. Now, please STOP! We had snow flurries all day yesterday that produced nothing but wind, the best kind of wintery day. Today, it’s in the 20s, so windy that the chimes are down, and sunny, Brrrrrr.

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  13. You certainly captured how I feel about snow—give me rain any day! I’m from the cold, windy plains of the Canadian prairies, and couldn’t wait until I could move to the Pacific West Coast. Much happier here—and much warmer!

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