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The Eclipse Lesson


Last night, when I took the dogs out, I was surprised that it was so dark. The moon should have been lighting up the yard as brightly as a cool sun.

I didn’t know until that moment that I was seeing a lunar eclipse. The moon was partly blocked and yet the sky was completely clear of clouds. The shape that darkened out the moon resembled the rounded top of the earth blocking out the sun that had just set behind me a few hours earlier.

I hurried back into the house to get the camera and clumsily took a few photos.

Much later in the evening, the moon was back to normal, shining reflected sunlight from its full, beaming face.

“Hey Sunshine!” called the moon one day,

“It’s time for you to leave.

Romantic lovers always say,

In moonlight they believe.

They do not need your heat, Old Man,

They’re hot enough alone.

My light is better, and it can

Inspire a kiss and moan.”

“Ah, you know nothing, Loony One,

My rays bring winter thaws,

The people crave my  warmth and fun,

They love me without pause.

I bring them light the whole day long,

It’s easier to see,

I brighten spirits into song,

And I know they love ME.”

“That’s nonsense, my dear Sunnyboy,

What garbage you can spew,

I light the night, I won’t be coy,

I’m simply better than you.”

“But, Loony, don’t you understand,

You’re nothing, can’t you see?

By day or night, it’s my command,

The light all comes from me.”

“So prove it,” Loony smugly cried,

“You’ll never shine at night.”

“That’s fine,” the sun said, “I’ll abide,

I have no need to fight.”

The sun then hid behind the earth,

And waited out of sight.

The moon, eclipsed, had lost his worth,

When he was without light.

The moon no longer talks so big,

He wanly glides afar,

The sun just smiles and does a jig,

He’s, after all, a star.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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37 thoughts on “The Eclipse Lesson

  1. Love the poem! I forgot to look last night. Glad you captured some photos to share.


  2. It was cloudy here. We didn’t see the moon.

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  3. Beautiful, both the moon and the poetry 🙂
    Life is Good !

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  4. Watched the eclipse, while I swam in the pool. Looked like a fog moving up onto the moon. By late 9 PM the earth’s shadow was allowing the moon to shine. Your photos capture this special eclipse. The poem is a delight !

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  5. i love the poem! I took several photos but none of mine really captured the beauty. Yours are very nice. I was so glad the sky was clear and we could experience the remarkable event. 🙂

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  6. Lovely poem, Anneli. We were able to see the eclipse but it sure was cold!

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  7. Hi Anneli. I didn’t even know there was a lunar eclipse. I wonder if it’s the same night that I took photos of the moon. It wasn’t eclipsed though. It was brighter and bigger than usual, which is why I grabbed my camera. I may be putting one of those photos on my header later this week.

    I love your photo of the earth’s shadow on the moon. You can clearly see that it’s a shadow, when normally it just looks like a part of the moon is missing. 😉

    Love the creative poem, too.

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  8. Great poem! I missed the eclipse but saw the moon (dimly) after it was over at about 4 AM.

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  9. Cool photos, Anneli, and a wonderful poem. It was too cloudy here to enjoy the moon, but I love the images that everyone is sharing. 🙂 I’m glad you got to see it!

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  10. Yeah! What a surprise it was. I’m always aware of how dark or light it is when I take the dogs out at night. Before we got our yard fenced, we had a black bear in it on several occasions, and there are always rumours about cougars in the area at different times of the year. So I take the flashlight and I shine it around frantically before I step out there. That night I was glad it was full moon but then it was darkish when I got out there. That’s why I noticed the eclipse. I had somehow missed knowing about it beforehand. Glad you enjoyed the poem. Thank you.


  11. I love the poem to go with the outstanding pictures! Now I´ve seen it after all ( I didn´t make it out of bed in time. Thanks so much for sharing this event. I don´t think I will be alive when it happens again – but we never know.


    • I don’t know when it is supposed to happen again, but we won’t worry about being around for it or not. Glad you liked the post. Thanks for your comment, Ursula. I don’t blame you for missing the eclipse. It would have been at a completely different time for you, if it was even visible in your part of the world.


  12. Fun poem to go with the event! And the photos. I missed the moon because we had too much cloud cover!!!! in Phoenix!!!!

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  13. Excellent post Anneli. I enjoyed your poem and photos!

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  14. We were ready for the eclipse, and saw the whole thing, in intervals (It’s winter, after all!) Ypur pics are wonderful—thanks for posting them!

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