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Exotics, Large and Small


Every January the orchids in our local stores come on sale. Every January I HAVE TO buy a new one. When they finish blooming, I keep them and hope they’ll bloom again, and although it sometimes takes months, they do reward me eventually.

Last week, my friends were going on a holiday and very kindly left their amaryllis plants with me to enjoy while they were away.

I was amazed at the size of the flowers. I’ve learned that they originated in South Africa, and some types came from South America.

My little orchids did their best to keep up with the blooming show, and it took a whole army of blossoms to compete with the huge visitors. But each did their best and I’ve had the benefit of all their efforts.

I’m happy to see a bit of colour in the middle of winter.

By the way, I’m not the only one to have an orchid obsession. One of my characters in The Wind Weeps is fascinated by them, but in a sick way. He thinks he can win the girl by bringing her orchids, but after a while, the orchid becomes a terrifying symbol of his stalking and abuse.

Set on the west coast of British Columbia, you’ll get a sense of the remote and beautiful, yet raw place my characters live in.

You can download The Wind Weeps for free on amazon.com and on smashwords.com (for e-readers other than Kindle). Just don’t forget that if you want to know what happens, you need to spend about $3 to buy the sequel, Reckoning Tide, also on amazon.com. Best $3 you’ll ever spend. Just click on the book cover images at the side of this blog page, or on the amazon links in this paragraph.

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33 thoughts on “Exotics, Large and Small

  1. Your orchids are beautiful and your books make for great reading! I liked the setting — learned so much about fishing and coast that I never knew.

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  2. Your orchids are a beautiful color, Anneli. I have two in my office and one at home. All three look like the one you’re plantsitting. I give mine a little water practically every day and they are huge! They bloom at least 5 times a year…it’s crazy!

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  3. Beautiful colours – so nice at this time of year. 🙂


  4. Beautiful orchids Anneli. Can’t wait to see what happens to the characters in The Wind Weeps. I just downloaded the book.

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  5. The orchids are beautiful. When we lived in California, the gardener had almost 40 orchids that bloomed and bloomed, but when we moved to Arizona, he had to give them away. Here, the blossoms fall after a couple of weeks and they rarely grow back. Sooo dry here.

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  6. Here in South Florida folks attach them to the trees in front or back of the house.
    Orchids everywhere, sometimes bushes of 20 /30 flowers.
    Pretty 🙂

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  7. Amaryllis are so flamboyant and a beautiful burst of color for this time of year. Those are huge!

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  8. Beautiful orchids. About this time every winter, I always buy a few plants, I need to see some greenery to contrast with the outdoor view.

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  9. Those are beautiful orchids! I´ve never seen them in this bright red colour. I love orchids and so I loved reading everyone of your books!

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  10. Love your orchids! I’ve never tried those myself but I do amaryllis EVERY year- I love them so! I had 2 red ones this year, but my favorites are the dark pink and the orange ones!

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  11. One of my orchids bloomed recently too. I love flowers especially in the dead of winter.
    I’ll download it and share today!

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  12. I love love orchids also and have three at my home now. Interesting reading how different people water them – I know it’s easy to overwater. I now use a shot glass every 2-3 weeks, and that works well.
    I remember the orchid in The Wind Weeps- creepy and scary. Such a wicked man enjoying the use of such a fragile and beautiful flower. Loved both of those books, Anneli.

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