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Seafood Hits the Spot


Three girlfriends went out for lunch today to a restaurant we had been to twice before. Each time we all ordered the same thing – calamari. We didn’t even know that we each loved squid so much.

This restaurant is by the water, near the wharf in the town of Campbell River on Vancouver Island. It was an easy 40-minute drive for us and well worth it.

We talked about making calamari at home, but our problem was the lack of available squid. Yes, we live by the sea, but the only squid I know being caught is used for bait for other fisheries. I would gladly eat fish bait! If only we could buy it.

We went to a tiny fish shop at the town wharf to see if they might have squid. No luck. They had all kinds of seafood, even lobster from the east coast (we are on the west coast), but no squid. We just don’t have enough of a squid culture here to support a commercial fishery for squid.

But while we were at Crabby Bob’s fish shop, now run by Crabby Abby (who is really sweet – not crabby at all), we had a look around. The seafood was fresh and clean. We were impressed and will probably come back one day to buy some of her product.

Outside the shop on a little patio not in use today because of the rain, we saw a great crab made of wood, a perfect mascot for Crabby Bob’s (or Abby’s).


Here he is from another angle.

Watch out for those pincers.

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31 thoughts on “Seafood Hits the Spot

  1. That crab is a piece of art!

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  2. Sounds like you had quite an adventurous day. I love calamari as well, but have yet to try to make it at home. It is a good excuse to go out though, and no mess in the kitchen!!

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    • I would love to be able to buy it fresh, but all we can get is the frozen stuff and you don’t know how many times it has been thawed and frozen by the time it gets to our markets. Sometimes you can taste that it hasn’t been cared for that well.


  3. What a crab! But he’s not a squid. πŸ˜‰

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  4. We hunted our own squid on the Charlottes. But they were way larger than those calamaris we eat in the restaurants. I remember that we had to pound the rubbery flesh for hours and it was still tough. Now I buy them frozen, or eat them in a fish restaurant.

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  5. What a great mascot! πŸ™‚

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  6. Enjoyed the pics of the wooden crab. I have been to the Eastern Shore of Maryland many times. The blue crab is delicious in dips, soups, and main dishes. I look forward to my next trip.

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  7. It looks like a nice spot for a bite and a walk around. I do like those moody skies.

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  8. That is a cute crab. I love lobster and crab and shrimp (and oysters if they are fried). I am allergic to scallops and mussels and so is my mother. It is a strange shellfish allergy. I also love many kinds of fish. But I have never and will never try squid. Thank you for listening. πŸ˜‰

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    • I love almost all seafood but I’m with you on cooking the oysters. Too bad you don’t think about trying squid. It is SO good. You can’t think about what it looks like when it’s alive. In that case why would anyone eat clams or oysters? Anyway, with seafood allergies, I’m surprised you’re brave enough to try any kind of fish. Glad you’re able to enjoy some of it at least!


  9. Girlfriends, Good food and Great weather … The perfect combination I must say..

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  10. It would be fun to make your own calamari! I used to make it as a teenager (don’t ask me why I started). We could get it at the local fish market. And I’d eat bait too if I could turn it into calamari!

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    • I looked in a “How To” book to find out how to cook squid. The cooking part is really easy if you score the meat with a knife, crisscrossing the flesh. Then a quick fry and it’s so tender. But the hardest part is the cleaning of the squid. It’s a tedious job. Still worth the trouble though.

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  11. I like fried calamari, but not every restaurant makes it so it tastes good. Sometimes it’s too tough, sometimes to rubbery. I used to hate seafood, but made myself acquire a taste for a few things when we moved to Florida. I grew to enjoy some things, but now that I’m back in Illinois, I can’t find any good seafood anymore. Maybe that’s why I never liked it before. We don’t have the good stuff where I grew up.

    BTW, I like the sound of Crabby Abby’s better than Crabby Bob’s. πŸ™‚

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    • I think this is the case with many people who don’t like fish. They’ve had bad fish, poorly handled fish, or badly prepared fish. And I can see how it would be hard to get that experience out of your head. But fresh fish done properly is really wonderful. I agree about the different restaurants not being consistent about the preparation of squid. That has been my experience in restaurants too, but luckily I have found a couple of them that make excellent calamari and I’ll go back to those. I agree about Crabby Abby’s but she says she won’t change it because the customers are used to it and because she may someday sell the business to a man and the woman’s name could be a problem for him.

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