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Bird’s Eye View


I looked out at the sunny (cold) day this morning. Someone else was also looking. Do you see him at the top of the fir tree? It’s a good place to spot potential targets for food — maybe a crippled duck, or some small creature in a field, or even a  victim of overnight road kill.

I stepped out onto the deck and took about 30 wiggly photos. I leaned against a deck post and tried 20 more. Finally I managed to get a photo that was recognizable, if not sharp. The camera has a 43X zoom so this is the best it can do without a tri-pod. I often wish for a BIG telescopic lens but then there is the weight to consider. Also, these subjects don’t often hang around long enough for me to get set up.

But we can see his “eagle eye” and the sharp tearing beak. It must be breezy up there, judging by his feathers being ruffled on the windward side.

It is a lean time of year for the eagles. They work hard to find some unsuspecting, usually sick or starving, bird to feed on. But soon, the herring will be coming close to the beach to spawn, and then the eagles will be “living off the fat of the land” (and sea).

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23 thoughts on “Bird’s Eye View

  1. Seeing an eagle in the wild is such a special treat. Last week, Derek spotted one soaring behind our house. Great shot!

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  2. Great description and picture. The bald eagle has made a dramatic comeback in Montana. In the 1970s, very few were being sighted.

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  3. Great picture. We had an eagle’s nest in one of our trees when we lived in Comox.

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  4. Thats a beautiful picture of the bald eagle. I didn´t see one since we left the Charlottes. You are a great photographer!!! Thanks for sharing this great picture!

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  5. Lean tough times for wildlife this time of year. Nice to see this beauty.

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  6. He has a prime perch up there with his eyesight!

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  7. Wow. I don’t know what you’re talking about. This is an awesome photo of the eagle. How cool.

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  8. What a treat, and such great photos of a magnificent bird. Thanks for sharing your wildlife encounters!

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