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What a Difference a Day Makes


Driving along beside the Comox estuary yesterday, I nearly disrupted traffic in my panic to pull off the road to take a picture. I hadn’t expected the sunset to be so spectacular over the glacier. For that matter, I hadn’t SEEN the glacier for days and days with all the cloud cover.

Next to the glacier are the bumps in the hills that the locals have called The Sleeping Princess. Unfortunately I can’t be sure which shapes represent which features of her lying there. But it’s fun to imagine.

Not even 24 hours later, we have a complete change in the weather. No more lovely sunset; just a total whiteout. My backyard with its gnarly fruit trees looks like a black and white photo.

Emma has to check out what this white stuff is.

She’s amazed at how much of it is coming down.

The warmth of sun behind the hills

Is fine for curing winter chills

But who could know the change ahead

Birds shake feathers, snow to shed,

Yesterday they picked and ate,

Now with snow, their breakfast’s late.

Giant snowflakes blanket all

How I miss the robin’s call.

Emma likes a powdery run

But the cold is not much fun,

She’s content to sniff the deck

Wondering just “What the heck?

Think I’ll go back where it’s warm

Where they’ll pet my sleeping form.

There I’ll wait till winter’s done

And we see the warm spring sun.”



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43 thoughts on “What a Difference a Day Makes

  1. I see the Sleeping Princess Anneli…she hasn’t aged well!! Beautiful photos and we will have plenty of that white sparkle around 5 pm today..


  2. Lucky you –
    How I miss the snow….. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Cheers !

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  3. The Princess is about 8 months pregnant.
    Great photos.

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  4. That sunset really is gorgeous. Sounds like a rare treat for you these days. Doesn’t Emma like the snow? Max LOVES it. Can’t get him inside. I think that snow you have now is coming our way for Sunday. Love the poem.

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    • Yes, actually she does, but I don’t let her stay out very long because she tends to tackle the hedges where the little birds have gone for shelter. And now that I’m keeping her in more, of course she likes being inside more because the kitchen is inside the house.

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  5. That is pretty dramatic. Gorgeous sunset! We’re supposed to get snow this evening. Yay. Maybe it will last until morning. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. What a spectacular sunset – we have some good ones in Yorkshire in the UK but on a smaller scale! Lovely to see Emma enjoying the snow, our Ruby loves it!

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  7. What a wonderful sunset . You captured it just perfectly! I would say this is not a princess but rather an old man (or an ugly old princess?).
    I love this poem a lot! Donยดt worry, there is more sunshine and more snow ahead of us all before Spring is here. Donยดt forget, it’s still Winter!! Thanks for sharing those very beautiful pictures!

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  8. Lovely glimpse into your winter world…

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  9. Beautiful sunset photo! I hadn’t heard about “the sleeping princess” prior to reading your post. Nice to learn something new! I can see her in your photo. Emma is so intent on examining the snow. Thanks for the great post.

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  10. I do like your poem, it sums up my feelings of winter too!

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  11. Wow! I was enjoying and admiring the gorgeous sunset and then BAM! I was freezing! I hope things warm up soon. Beautiful photos, Anneli!

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    • Bam! is exactly right, Jill. Today too, it warmed up a little and then it’s going to drop sharply overnight just to freeze all the snow that tried to thaw. It’s going to be treacherous driving tonight. I’m staying home.


  12. Love it all, but especially love Puppy looking out window

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  13. So beautiful! Very tranquil in spite of the need to cuddle up. (We just came through -41, standing temp, no wind chill, so your weather looks a lot warmer to me.) ๐Ÿ™‚

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  14. Gorgeous sunset, Anneli. Wonderful post.

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  15. I lived in Comox from 1966 to 1979, so was used to seeing the view of your first picture. They used to call it “Forbidden Plateau”, and there is some interesting folklore around that name. I was sorry to leave the Comox valley, but my next stop (where I am now) was Victoria, so no complaints!

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  16. That’s right, and the family ski hill below it was also called Forbidden Plateau. They used to get enough snow there year after year but in the last 30 to 40 years that has changed and they had to close. Mt Washington is higher up and they usually get enough snow to keep their ski hill going.

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  17. Beautiful photos and lovely post.

    Happy the traffic missed you and you captured these photos to share.

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  18. I see the sleeping princess – what a great side profile. In Marin County, north of San Francisco, Mt. Tamalpais has a sleeping princess also. I suppose princesses need their beauty rest! ๐Ÿ™‚

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