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Snowy Quilting Retreat


It was to be four days of quilting without the worry of cooking or cleaning. We would be served all meals and not have to wash dishes or clean house. All we had to do was sew and take breaks to enjoy the beauty of the lodge and its surroundings.

The view from the lodge is breathtaking.

About a two-minute walk from the lodge was the guest house where I had a room. The stairs were cleared, salted, and sanded. Everything was well looked after on the grounds. We congratulated ourselves on braving the snowy driving conditions to arrive at this gorgeous retreat. Only a bit of snow was left.

But on the second night it snowed heavily before warming up in the morning. The snow was perfect for making a snowman — or for someone to take a dive down the stairs.

I stepped out to go to the main lodge for breakfast, and took ten of the twelve steps on my bum. My camera flew over the railing and I bump-bump-bumped all the way down the stairs. Humiliated, I got up and crept around the bottom of the steps to retrieve my camera, luckily in its case. I shook off the shock and took a step to continue on my way. (Imagine this picture with about six inches of fresh snow covering everything.)

Wham! I was on my back again, this time wrenching my shoulder in an effort to catch my fall.


For the next two days I sewed and watched others sew beautiful things. My project remains unfinished, although I worked on it steadily. I’ll post it another time. But I can show you a few of the things other quilters made.


More placemats (this one is a work still in progress).

A table runner.

Some unfinished quilts.


And a beautiful tote bag with unique side pockets.

In spite of my side trip down the stairs, I had a great time. It was fun and a great learning experience to work with so many talented quilters.


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42 thoughts on “Snowy Quilting Retreat

  1. I took a tumble on the ice this weekend too! Humiliating 😁 your quilting projects are great

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  2. Sorry to hear about your tumble. Ouch! Hope you heal up quickly so we can all see the photo of your finished projects. Take care of yourself and be careful!

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  3. Oh gosh, I’m glad you weren’t hurt, Anneli. I’m a complete klutz when it comes to walking on ice or snow. The quilts are gorgeous! What a wonderful getaway.

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  4. The lodge looks beautiful and the quilting too. Sounds like a bit of a bumpy ride though😏

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  5. So glad you didn’t break anything!

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  6. I’m glad to hear that you’re intact- nothing broken or hanging off! Those are a mean looking set of stairs.

    All that seeing looks terrific! 🙂

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  8. I’m so sorry for your fall. Yikes.

    Beautiful work.

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  9. I am glad you are more or less okay after this fall! The quilts look so beautiful and also the surroundings of this retreat.

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  10. Sooo glad to hear you didn’t damage your backside – geesh, too close a call IMHO.
    But all that aside, I’d not hesitate for a moment to brave the snow for a wintry quilty retreat!

    BTW: The clamshells as used in the first placemat photo are such a great, natural use of that shape.

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    • Thanks, Laura. I’m going to be okay. Lucky this time! My friend who made the clamshell placemats is an excellent quilter. This was the first time she used that pattern and she said it was relatively easy to make except for the points on the binding, which were a tiny bit tricky. But she managed it just fine.

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  11. Are you okay??? Those steps look horrific!
    Danny fell getting out of the hot tub yesterday so we made an unexpected trip to the emergency room. The doc glued him back together but he has a nasty black eye. Could’ve been worse. It’s all about the ice!

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  12. OMG, I’m so glad you weren’t hurt badly on that fall. I imagine that you were a little sore later, though. I have a huge fear of slipping on ice from a memory of someone I witnessed slip and get severely injured. Glad your camera was okay, too. Whew. Cameras are important for us photo-taking bloggers.

    I had a feeling you were on that quilting retreat again, since I noticed you somewhat missing. I just love the scenery of that place. Thanks for sharing the photos of the nature and the quilts.

    Stay safe and warm.

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    • Hey! Thanks for noticing that my blahblahblahing was missing. It’s a gorgeous place for a retreat, and I had a nice time there, except for about one minute which is how long it took to fall twice in a row. I’m glad to be home now.

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  13. Oh, no! You must have been very sore for a long time. Lucky you didn’t break anything! I hope the weekend with good friends was fun, otherwise. Gorgeous quilting. I adore the handbag!

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  14. You’re lucky you didn’t break anything. Beautiful setting and beautiful works. ❤

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