More “Whatever-they-are”s

A few years ago, I saw only brown llamas or alpacas in our neighbourhood. The other day as I drove down to the spit to take pictures of the seiners at the wharf, I passed the “llama place” and was surprised to see only one brown one.
I think this black one is new – at least “new” to me. Its buddies were of assorted colours.

I had to wonder though, if this brown one is one of the originals. They didn’t have name tags, and they wouldn’t answer when I asked. I guess it’s because they were busy eating.

This is their view. Pretty nice place to have lunch, on a little hillside by the sea. Life could be worse.

Alpaca or llama

Oh what a dilemma,

I wish I could tell,

But then, “Oh what the …heck.”

31 thoughts on “More “Whatever-they-are”s

  1. shoreacres

    The first time around I wasn’t sure, but this time I’m willing to cast a vote for alpaca. Their coat just doesn’t look like a llama’s. It’s tighter, and not as “poofy” as a llama’s, especially around the legs.

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  2. Ursula

    Those are definitively alpacas! Alpacas have wool on them and a wooly face and are smaller than Ilamas. There are 10 differences between Alpacas and Ilamas. Also Ilamas have no wool, but hair on them. Alpacas need to be in a herd to survive and Ilamas are brave and can take care of themself. And lots more… Google knows it all.

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  3. wordsfromanneli Post author

    I’m sure dogs dream. I’ve seen our dog in a deep sleep, doing a silent scream, presumably from a nightmare. Also the way they twitch and moving their legs as if they’re running, seems to show that they’re dreaming about chasing something. I’m sure your dog loves you because you’re good to him. Dogs pick up on that very quickly. I think we don’t give dogs enough credit for having feelings and being much like humans in many ways.



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