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Trouble Down the Road


Hey, Emma. Will ya look at the goings on over there?

This may be my third helping of hors d’oevres today, but I’ve had to work hard for them.

Getting right into it for the tastiest morsels.

What do you mean, I should stop? I’ve found a treasure trove.


Oh Lordy, Lordy! I see what you mean, Ruby. I don’t think he should be doing that. This will not end well. We’d never allow that at OUR house. Not with us backyard supervisors on duty.



This is not my house and I had to use the zoom for a very long distance when I found the source of the pecking noise, so the flicker is blurry (I had hoped to see him in a tree). I will be on the watch for this guy in case he flies over our way though. Thank goodness our backyard supervisors do a pretty good job of watching for trouble.

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30 thoughts on “Trouble Down the Road

  1. Your dogs are gorgeous, Anneli!

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  2. Love that story, Anneli! And love those cute doggies. Give them a nice pat from me, please!

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  3. That bird is looking pretty guilty!


  4. 💕😊 Good supervisors 😊

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  5. Those supervisors would be very good to have!

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  6. I love the flicker – they are beautiful, even if they can dig through the siding! You did a great job of taking those distance photos. 🙂

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  7. Love these shots. I hear them peck on our house but am glad I cannot see what they are doing!

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  8. Beautiful dogs 🙂
    Cheers !

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  9. Flickers can do serious damage to wooden siding… but I have no idea how you stop them.


  10. Yay for bird dogs. Looks like spring has sprung by you? Not here yet, but we have a hopeful forecast for a 70f (21c) degree weekend.

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  11. Give your beautiful dogs two kisses on their noses, one from you and one from myself, they deserve it. Good watch dog (but the flicker is a beautiful bird, not good for your sidings, but still…)

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  12. Such sweet faces on those two!

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  13. Thanks for reading, Ms. Grizzly. 😉


  14. I love your little stories told with lovely words and pictures Anneli. Ruby and Emma are just beautiful! And you’re so right – our young Ruby looks so like yours – they are both so fluffy. We love her so much and would love to get a second dog – perhaps a cocker spaniel like Emma!

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