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Sleeping on the Job


This barber shop door frame looks a bit rough with left over winter sidewalk salt, but most people don’t notice that. They’re too busy looking at the main attraction. She is catching a few warming rays by the  door, dozing in the greenhouse effect she must be feeling. Ahhh … so gooooood … after a long winter.

Her job is to invite interest in the barber shop. Anyone who parks in this strip mall and happens to walk by will remember the barber shop and possibly come back as a customer. Or maybe just to see the dog.

Looking like the Queen of Sheba, she rests while doing her job very well.

I’m wondering if she needs a bit of a haircut herself.

“You first,” she says.


The queen lies on her chaise longue

For nothing in her world is wrong.

How languidly, she soaks up sun, 

Attracting clients one by one.

“You think I’m sleeping on the job,

I’m making sure no one will rob

The barber shop and any guest.

I only look as if I rest.

You need a haircut? Come on in.

I’ve done my job and we both win.”




Author: wordsfromanneli

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26 thoughts on “Sleeping on the Job

  1. Who could pass her by? She’s adorable.

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  2. These “working dogs” always draw me in to local shops. I can’t resist.

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  3. She sure does look like a queen on her thrown. She is adorable!

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  4. So witty, so beautiful 🙂
    Life is Good !

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  5. Hah perfection! Cute dog and dog bed!

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  6. Adorable! One of our cats is nicknamed “Miss Diva”

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  7. It would be a perfect name for this gal.


  8. The dog and the chaise longue go perfect together!

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  9. Great photos of the Queen on her chaise longue. She looks quite comfortable. I had never heard of “longue” until I read your post. I had to look it up to make sure it wasn’t a typo. Of course, I should have known you would not make such an error. Thank you for sharing the photos and my lesson for the day.

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    • Ha ha! Now I’ll let you in on a little secret. I DID make a spelling mistake on “longue” and had to look it up and fix it, so don’t feel bad about struggling with this word. She’s a cute little Queenie, isn’t she?


  10. This fun post gave me a smile and a chuckle, Anneli. She is surely doing her job, and how absolutely perfect, her own little divan. Great poem too!

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  11. Thanks, Jet. We were parked in front of the barber shop just by chance and the Captain saw the dog and insisted I snap the pictures. Glad I did now. I was kind of wishing I could curl up on that cozy warm spot myself just then. Enjoy your weekend.


  12. What a cutie! She would make me want to go on in.

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  13. Who can resist a sleeping dog or cat in a window/door? When I was little my dad always sang the song “”How much is that doggie in the window.” This post brought that song back to me. Also, yesterday I went by a store where a cat was sunning herself by the door, and I kneeled down and had a 5-minute conversation with her until I realized that probably passersby were ready to call the police about the “nutty lady” thinking a cat would care what she had to say. 🙂

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  14. Delightful, Anneli!

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