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Hairy Harry


Hairy or downy? They look very much alike, so I had to investigate to find out the difference. This, I think, is a hairy woodpecker. He has a longer, heavier bill than the downy. That is the main identifying feature.

This fellow was picking at tree trunks and branches by the side of the bumpy dirt road to the lake where the Captain and I fished for trout a few days ago. With little traffic, the nearby woods are quiet, and a hairy woodpecker could forage for food relatively undisturbed.

He is known to check out holes made by sapsuckers and to drink the sap that has filled the tiny wells in those holes. Of course he does his own excavating to look for insects under the bark of trees. He also likes a change once in a while and will eat fruit, berries, and nuts.

I’d say he has a well-rounded diet.


Harry flits from tree to tree

Trying hard to hide from me.

Maybe he is camera shy,

Though I can’t imagine why.

Maybe he’s just playing games,

Teasing when I call him names.

I don’t think his name is Harry,

I want snaps but he won’t tarry.

O’er his shoulder, gives a call,

“Show is over, that is all.

If my name you  can’t get right,

I will simply leave,  take flight.”


And that is just what he did.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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28 thoughts on “Hairy Harry

  1. When I lived in Virginia, there was a woodpecker who liked to peck on my gutter before the sun was up. I didn’t need an alarm clock. 🙂 Great photo!

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  2. Hah, that poem is so cute! Why would a woodpecker be called “hairy”? That seems like a weird name to me.

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  3. Great poem! 🙂 I love birds and could watch them all day.

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  4. I think you pegged it right. Nice photo!

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  5. They’re very pretty, aren’t they! They are here in abundance and I love having them.

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  6. Handsome downy, good photo, good poem, great smiles!! Appreciate Your Blog Anneli.

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  7. That is my kind of poetry–simple (not to take anything away from it; I just mean I don’t have to struggle to read between the words), happy, to the point.

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    • Thank you for saying that, Jacqui. I love the more sophisticated poetry when I can understand it without having to buy Cole’s notes (or the American version – Cliff notes), but I also like poetry that is fun to read and to write. The Captain always rolls his eyes when I say, “Here, read this. What do you think?” so I can never get a true evaluation from him. 😉


  8. I like your little poems and always beautiful pictures to go with them

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  9. What a great photo of a cute little chap! In Yorkshire we just get great spotted woodpeckers – I saw one on a recent walk I did, such bright red markings.


  10. Enjoyed the ryhmes. Thanks for sharing.

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