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The Tulip’s Story


Before any other tulips open up in my yard, still among weeds that I haven’t dealt with, here is the first of the season, just “born” today.

I’m surprised at how happy it makes me, after such a long dreary winter.

The name of the tulip is thought to have come from some connection to the turban, or to the fact that a tulip was sometimes worn on a turban as decoration.

Thought to be originally from Persia, the tulip arrived in northwestern Europe in the 16th century.


A Tulip’s Story

It’s not because I have two lips that I received my name,

A sultan wore me on his hat so it would not look lame.

He put a turban on his head and wrapped it good and tight,

And then he looked into the glass, but something wasn’t right.

He said, “It needs a pick-me-up, a tad of fashion flair,

This tulip bright would do the trick, but oh dear, do I dare

To wear a flower on my head, what kind of man am I?

But I will show the world out there, I’m brave without  a lie,

The ladies all will  flock to me, admiring my good taste,

And this is such a perfect chance, I simply cannot waste.”

And so he put me on his hat and strolled along the street,

Smiling at approving looks from ladies he did meet.

Perhaps this fashion disappeared, no longer quite the thing,

But I am famous everywhere, for brightening up the spring.



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45 thoughts on “The Tulip’s Story

  1. This is an astounding coincidence (congrats on your tulip, by the way!). I wrote a poem today using the information from the book Tulipomania about the turban. Very incidental part of the poem, but wow, so funny to see it here now.

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  2. I think there is just something about a flower…as if its sole purpose in living is to bring joy to those of us seeing, smelling its presence. But to be the ‘first’ now that adds an extra happyiness nudge to my day, too!

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  3. Beautiful, Anneli! We have tulips that are 14 years old and the still come to life each year.🌷🌷

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  4. This is one of the beauties of gardening. The plants all have a history. Thanks for reading, Jill. Enjoy your weekend.


  5. I love your story! Your spring is far ahead of ours: there are only a few tulip leaves starting to show here.

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  6. I’m so happy to hear that, Terry. Thank you. I mean the part about my story – not so happy about your late spring. But it’s coming to Montana soon too. Have you been out much? Haven’t seen your usual number of postings lately.

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  7. Some of our tulips are starting to open up too. Your tulip-story is interesting and the poem is a lot of fun again.

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  8. Love the tulip! Hooray for spring. 🙂

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  9. My mom always planted tulips. This post brings back good memories.

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  10. That’s good. I’m glad.


  11. Sound like great to see the bunch of flowers and wonderful poem.


  12. I love tulips, and I can’t wait until they’re blooming here. Did you take that gorgeious header photo? I’d love to be swimming in those tulips (minus the bees).

    Guess what? We were supposed to get a dusting of snow yesterday. Umm, no. We got SIX INCHES! It snowed all day. I’m finding myself disoriented to see deep snow on the ground in April. It’s supposed to warm up starting tomorrow. It isn’t soon enough.

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  13. That was a delightful story. There is something about a flower, isn’t there, that brightens the dreariness. Much more than the spot of color.

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    • Yes, exactly. I love having flowers everywhere. I allow them to live among my vegetables in the garden too. Just don’t have the heart to get rid of them just because they are growing in the wrong place (maybe it’s the right place).


  14. Tulips are beautiful sign of spring’s long-awaited arrival.

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