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Emma the Birthday Girl


In June of 2014, a fat little puppy came to live with us. Emma  was doted on during all her waking hours and mine. She is a field bred English cocker spaniel.

I told her jokes and she laughed at the appropriate times.

She loved tearing around in the backyard and posing for photos.

The stairs in the house were a huge challenge for her, as her legs were very short and her bum was quite plump.

“Are you serious? ME? Go down those stairs?”

“I think I’ll just wait right here. With any luck, Anneli will carry me down the stairs.”

“How nice of Anneli to leave her Birkenstocks for me to chew the straps out of.”

“It’s my birthday today. I’m five years old.”

“Did I hear someone say birthday cake?” 

“Bring it on!”

Happy 5th birthday, Emma. Now she’s old enough to go to Kindergarten.


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47 thoughts on “Emma the Birthday Girl

  1. Aw…happy birthday to Emma! It’s obvious you’ve provided a wonderful and loving home for her, Anneli. I love the puppy photos!

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  2. Happy Birthday Emma! 🙂 I hope you have a lovely doggie cake with all the trimmings. 🙂

    Her puppy pictures are adorable.

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  3. Emma is such a sweet dog. Love how she romps around on your property with her partner in crime. The photos of Emma are perfect.

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  4. A most happy birthday, Emma – you ever so cute girl! 🙂

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  5. Happy birthday sweet little girl! So so cute 🐶💕

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  6. I remember bringing Gabriella to see Emma when she was just a pup – a most adorable pup!

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  7. Sweet shots Anneli. She looks like a wonderful dog.

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  8. She has grown to be a real beauty!

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  9. Oh my God I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that she’s five years old. I thought you were going to say two years old. I can’t believe it. I remember saying how much she looked like Piezon if not for the long ears. She still does. Although Piezon was much bigger.

    Max just had a birthday over the weekend, too.

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  10. Oh my God, I can’t believe she’s five years old! I thought you were going to say two. I remember when you first got her and how much she looked like Piezon, minus the long ears. She still looks like him, but he was bigger. Happy birthday to little Miss Emma. Those pictures are adorable.

    Max had a birthday over the weekend, too.

    P.S. Sorry if this is a duplicate comment. Having trouble with my device.

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  11. 🥃😎

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  12. Happy Birthday dear Emma! Beautiful pictures Anneli!

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  13. Happy birthday to your sweet dog Anneli.

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  14. Lovely photos of Emma. I trust she is over the ‘show chewing’ stage, although I know you never held a grudge!

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  15. Ladies, you look superb. My congratulations to Emma.

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  16. What a cute pup. Happy Birthday to Emma and many more. 🙂

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  17. Happy Birthday, Emma! You are an adorable treasure.

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  18. FIVE years? Already?! Happy Birthday to energetic enthusiastic endearing Emma.

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  19. Grin … My stray Border Collie that has been with me for more than ten years died of snake bite last fall. I found a free chocolate Labrador 6 week old pup and got him as a Christmas present for myself. Eeek, I had forgot just how much energy and all the things a pup can get into.
    He’s 5 months now and has mostly stopped eating up things that are not his toys.
    At 5 months he’s taller than my old Australian Blue Heeler.

    Happy Birth Emma.
    Happy Gardening

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    • I’m so sorry you lost your collie to a snake bite. It’s something I worry about every fall when we come out to Montana. But yes, puppies can drain our energy! Thank goodness they grow up. Later, they may not be as cute as when they’re puppies, but if they weren’t cute then, maybe we wouldn’t put up with so much nonsense.


  20. Beautiful!

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  21. Happy Birthday, Emma! Anneli, this is such an adorable post. My dog, Bau will also be five at the end of the month. ❤

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  22. Looking forward to a birthday review post from you for Bau when he is five.

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  23. Aww she’s so beautiful!

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