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Pacific Tree Frog


This little Pacific tree frog was so small that at first sight I thought he was a beetle. Then he moved and I saw that he had legs and had no resemblance to a beetle except his size, which I guess to be about 3 centimeters at the most, or just under 1 and 1/2 inches. I love those little pads on his toes that help him get a grip.

He looks like he’s wearing a jogging suit with that racing stripe around his nose and eyes.

Did you know he can change his colour from green to mottley green/brown to brown?

It was thought at first that tree frogs change colour according to their environment (for camouflage) but in fact it is triggered by background brightness set off by seasonal changes. Some changes in colour can be noticeable within a few hours but complete colour change can take weeks or months.


I’m watching out for garter snakes,

If you should see one, heaven’s sakes,

Do warn me in a timely way,

In case of danger, I can’t stay.

I know you do not see a crown,

I dropped it, so just look around,

And you will figure out my hints–

Inside me lives a tiny prince.

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39 thoughts on “Pacific Tree Frog

  1. So sweet! I adore tree frogs 🐸!

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  2. What a pretty little fellow!

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  3. I hear them in the garden sometimes, and very rarely do I actually get to see them! Great catch on the camera! What a cutie pie!

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  4. Just amazing photos. That green, other worldly!

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  5. We have his cousin tucked between pillow and cushion on patio rocking chair. Where did he spend the harsh winter? We always check before sitting and he quickly jumps into the flower pot .


  6. Cute little guy. Great shots, Anneli, and a wonderful poem! 🙂

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  7. That is so interesting to know about the tree frog, that it changes colour according to background brightness and seasonal changes. It could be a bit of a chameleon if it stands around something of it’s colour 😀 Great shots. It does look a bit camera shy – or maybe it was looking away from the camera because it saw something tasty elsewhere 😀

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  8. Amphibians of this sort are so endearing!
    Like the poem, too!

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  9. They really are. Thanks, Laura.


  10. Can’t say I like frogs, especially the big ones in Mexico that sound like squeaky fan belts.

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    • I’m not crazy about the big ones either but somehow this little one is cute. Even the medium size ones I see out in the woods sometimes are kind of cute. But anyway, if you don’t like them, well, sorry Darlene – no Prince Charming for you.


  11. Great little tree frog. We love to hear them singing near our home in the Springtime. It’s truly a symphony.


  12. Sweet little guy and poem. Informative post too.

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  13. Thanks, Belinda. He was SO tiny!


  14. Aw. What a cute poem for a tiny little guy. The camouflage is very cool.

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  15. Gorgeous photos and I love your poem! Frogs are my favorite.


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