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Drones – A Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

Flying a drone, or UAV (an unmanned aerial vehicle), would probably appeal to anyone who liked building model airplanes and flying them around their backyard. I think that except for the noise, I might enjoy flying one too.

Most of them have cameras  in or on them and probably can take some fantastic pictures from perspectives that are next to impossible for us to achieve any other way.

BUT.¬† What if you are on the other end of the drone’s intrusion? Here is one that is coming towards my house. What does it want?

Who is going to look at the images that drone is taking? What are they looking for? I’m sure it’s nothing sinister … or am I really so sure…?

It’s coming closer. I don’t remember inviting it into my space.

Now its beady little red eyes are scanning everything in my personal space, taking pictures of what’s going on in my yard. Maybe its camera can take pictures through the windows of my house. Who knows?

If I happen to be in the shower next time the drone comes by, I hope someone warns me not to step out until it moves on.

I confess to having a very irky feeling when the drone buzzed back and forth near my house and property. I kept thinking the drone was like the 13th fairy who came, uninvited, to Sleeping Beauty’s birthday party, bringing her an evil gift.

I understand they are used for 3D jobs – those that are too Dull, Dirty, or Dangerous – but my house is not (yet) a war zone, and I already feel like the drone was doing less than noble spying.

I know that drone-lovers are going to say I’m just a sour grape, but really, I don’t wish to own one and use it to go impose on someone’s privacy, so why would I want someone to do that to me?

And of course there are drone owners who have not the slightest wish to spy on anyone. Still ….

How do you feel about drones? Maybe your experience with them is different from mine. Tell us about it!