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Being Three

When you’re three years old … things look different.

Are the bundles of clothing your mom makes you wear bulkier and heavier when you’re three?

Is that ice slipperier when you’re three?

Is it harder to “be a man” when you’re three?

Does it take more guts to be seen by your buddy as being brave when you’re three?

Is that skating rink a mile wider when you’re three?

Do bruises from falling on the ice hurt more when you’re three?

Is life more exciting every minute of the day when you’re three?

Yes, yes, YES!



Being three and at the rink,

Is way more daunting than you think,

My buddy came to skate with me,

My fear I will not let him see,

The ice is gleaming, threatening,

And yet there’s adults beckoning,

Do they not realize how quick

A boy can fall? Oh, I feel sick.

I’m sure my buddy feels the same

We’re scared and brave, but don’t feel shame,

If I fall down, it’s no big deal,

My buddy knows just how I feel.

We contemplate, but soon you’ll see

How brave we are, though only three.