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Man or Nature?


So many times when I’ve stood on my deck and tried to take a photo of the water, I’ve cursed the hydro pole that mars the view.

This time I found the power lines an interesting contrast to the lines created by the tidal movement in the bay.

I still find the man-made power lines to be ugly, but here they emphasize the beauty of  the soft curvy lines of nature.

Man or nature? For me, it’s no contest.

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21 thoughts on “Man or Nature?

  1. I suppose the power lines are a necessary evil. Cool shot, Anneli!

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  2. What a great picture!!!

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    • Thanks, Darlene. I was going to throw out the whole lot of them that I took, because of those damned power lines, but then I got looking at it from another perspective – lines and lines.


  3. Ok, this is beautiful. But let’s not lose the plot – hydro poles are nasty.

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  4. This would make for a great design for a quilt and/or literal quilting pattern.

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  5. A really great photo. Well, to me it’s maybe more like a painted picture. I like it a lot.

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  6. I can see what you mean by lines and lines. Great shot! But I´d rather see the water without those lines. Here they are digging up the whole village right now to put the wires underground. They are making a big mess all over but once all is cleaned up it will look so much better.

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  7. The way the photo looks, the power lines sort of look like they are black lines in the water along with the gorgeous multi-shaded blue lines of nature. Great shot.
    P.S. I know what you mean about obstructions in a shot. There are many man-made obstructions here, too. It’s what I get for living near a city.

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  8. I think they make the photo more interesting. The lines add an element of art.

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