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I have a confession to make. I’m a foodie. One of the best things in my life is having enough to eat.

Alas! The Missus says I’m putting on a bit of weight. She’s no spring chicken herself, and getting a bit plump. She should look into the birdbath one of these days and have a look at her reflection.

It’s a terrible time to try to diet, just when the larvae of the ten-striped June beetles are surfacing. When the next heat wave strikes, the prawn-like grubs will sprout wings and that will be it. No more delicacies for me.  As beetles, they will become the prize of raccoons and bats.


Anneli loves it when I help get rid of the grubs. This critter is putting up a bit of a struggle. I hate it when they fight back. It’s so pointless, and I feel like such a bully. There’s no escape once I find them. This one thinks he’s a boxer. Good luck with that, buddy.

He’s tickling my beak, but if he thinks I’ll put him down to scratch an itch, he’s dreaming. This fat “prawn” is so worth the razzing I get from the Missus.

Oops! I just caught my reflection in the sliding glass door of the deck. Hmm…. A tiny bit portly around the waist. Maybe I should have limited myself to just a few of those grubs. But they were so good, and Anneli’s yard is full of them.

But I’m still a handsome devil, don’t you think? I can’t just walk away from a feast. What would you do?

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30 thoughts on “Foodies

  1. I think that if that is the menu I had to choose from it would be quite easy to go on a diet.

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    • Oh, for sure! Me too! Those things are so gross. But the robins just love them. The grubs can go very deep though. We’ve found them three feet down when we were digging a fence post hole. Then in the heat, they come up and start flying around like little helicopters, usually at dusk (just when I’m standing there waiting for the dogs to pee). One day, one of those beetles will land on my back and then they’ll have to put me in “the mental.”


  2. Wonderful. Pics and Story are first-rate, as all your posts are
    Cheers 🥃

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  3. Oh man- the grubs look identical to our brown June bugs… how I hate both the grubs and beetles! I’ve never seen any birds eat the grubs of ours, but the armadillos do… they’re a bit more destructive than robins though, I bet. Here’s hoping the Robin put a real dent in your upcoming beetle population!

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    • Very small dent, I’m afraid, but I see that you know the grubs I’m talking about. These ten-lined beetles are a type of June bug. They’re huge and unstoppable. I lost a lot of my potatoes a few years ago when they ate them. I didn’t grow potatoes for the next two years, but am trying again this year after sifting a lot of the soil and feeding the robins.

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  4. I didn’t know that birds can have potbellies, too! 😉

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  5. Great photos, Anneli! Those grubs won’t quite fool anyone at my house. I think they would clue in pretty quickly they’re not eating a prawn stirfry! 🙂 ha ha ha.

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  6. LOL! Those grubs are pretty gross looking. I bet you’re glad the birds are there to get rid of them for you.

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  7. Nice shots Anneli.
    It looks like a win-win for all concerned!

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  8. We can´t have enough birds in our gardens. Very nice pictures Anneli!

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  9. Why so chubby?! Are you sure it’s a boy? Are the girls without the red breast? I can’t remember!

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  10. I love this, Anneli!


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