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Three’s a Crowd, or is it?


I’m not so sure that three’s a crowd, but it is cozy.

The two rhodos that are blooming just now in this photo are “rescue rhodos.” My neighbour had planted them next to the roadway but they were constantly being uprooted by deer who pulled them out, thinking they would be tasty. The deer left the plants lying on the soft sandy soil when they discovered the flavour was not what they had hoped.

I picked up the uprooted rhodos as I came along the end of our drive and brought them to the neighbour’s house so they could replant them (hopefully elsewhere). But they just flung them aside.

So after trying three times to give the rhodos a new life, I took the next ones home and tried to revive them myself. I stuck them in water and then found a good spot for them, next to an Alberta spruce.

Now, something over 20 years later these tiny plants have turned into giants. They have grown into each other’s space and the two rhodos and the spruce are huddled together. They stand together against the wind and the rain and cold. They are the survivors.

The Survivor Group


We once were unloved castaways,

Our time was numbered then in days,

But now we live, and love the sun,

We each feel we’re the lucky one.

The spruce has been our constant friend,

He braces us against the wind,

He keeps the coldest ice from us,

And shields us both without a fuss,

In turn we share our food with him

And water if supply is slim.

We’re all survivors in this group,

Which makes us such a happy troop.

We like each other’s company,

For friends we three shall always be.


Please take a minute to visit my other blog for a comment on Jill Weatherholt’s book, A Father for Bella. Click on the link: https://annelisplace.wordpress.com/2019/05/27/a-father-for-bella/

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35 thoughts on “Three’s a Crowd, or is it?

  1. I love rhodos and yours are beautiful. How great that they all grew up together. πŸ™‚

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  2. Reminds me of my own life-story πŸ™‚

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  3. Your rhodos are absolutely beautiful, Anneli. Thank you for your review of A Father for Bella. It was a nice surprise. πŸ™‚

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  4. Your post ‘proves’ my stance on the current phrase “Don’t just survive, thrive.” I hate it!
    Instead I believe:
    “Surviving IS thriving”
    Just sayin’…

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  5. They look beautiful Anneli!

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  6. Wow. It looks like you don’t have the deer in your yard trying to get at that bush. It’s gorgeous. I wish I had your green thumb. I just planted a row of flowers. We got a new patio and they left an aisle of dirt next to the house for us to use for sprucing things up. I’ve never planted a thing in my life, and I kill house plants. So, I hope those pretty guys I planted make it. πŸ˜›

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    • Just water the plants and they’ll grow. These rhodos have never had anything but water. No special food, and rather poor soil, to tell the truth. We had to build a fence at last, so that has kept the deer out.

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  7. Beautiful. I love all the color.

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  8. Love the photos and the story too!

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  9. What a beautiful success story!

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    • I was just outside with the dogs and was looking back towards the house. Those rhodos almost blocked out the house, they’re so tall. I figure they must be about ten or twelve feet high. maybe more. And they’re just loaded in flowers this year. I’m so glad I saved them. They thank me every year.

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  10. They look so compatible! Anyone who can rescue deer molested rhodos and get them to thrive has a truly green thumb!

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  11. Quite the success story! Lovely.

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  12. Beautiful rhodos! Mine is over 20 years old and was always full of blooms. But last year all the blooms got black and this year he only has a few blooms – makes me cry to look at it.

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  13. Let’s hope so. That’s what gardeners do, isn’t it? Hope for better luck nekstscheer.

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  14. Rescued rhodos – I love it. I’m a little embarrassed, because I got teary eyed, thinking of these discarded pieces of garden life. You are a wonder and a goddess to them. To me, too. ❀

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  15. Gorgeous! They speak of both strength and beauty.

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