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Power: A Passion Patrol Novel


Another great book by Emma Calin has just hit the market. It is just as thrilling and awesome as her previous eight police passion novels. You really have to check it out.  

Emma Calin doesn’t just take it easy on the beach. She is busy writing steamy suspense romance stories.

Power’ is the 9th title in the ‘Passion Patrol Series’.

Each story in the series introduces one of Emma Calin’s sassy female cops.  These tough police officers are as passionate about solving crime and locking up the bad guys, as they are about the men they love.

Every book features a different crime episode, with villains to be caught. Threaded through the mystery, our heroine meets and falls for the love of her life, but not without obstacles and dilemmas along the way. Cops from earlier stories make appearances in later books,  as they progress up the career ladder. Knowledge of their stories is not necessary and the books can be read in any order.

And here’s a treat for you! The first book in the series is FREE (‘Guilt‘). This story highlights the adventures in crime and love of a dog-handler, Helen Marx and her trusty K9 partner, Lanza.  (LINK: https://emma-calin-author.lpages.co/download-from-from-giveaway/).

The newest title, ‘Power‘ tells of a young rookie cop, Olivia. She encounters visiting American congressman, Jackson T. Paine during a violent incident on the streets of London. Their attraction is strong but he’s a high profile guy, earmarked as a future president and their relationship is unlikely to succeed.  Controversy is rife as rivals try to smear this presidential contender.  Scandals that also smear Olivia and compromise her position, result in a change of role within the police. These crooks at the heart of power are determined and will use any means to spoil his campaign, ruin his image and remove him as a candidate – even if that means death.  But he of course has the ultimate weapon – a woman in love.  Read this book to feel the victory of the human heart.

Here is the typical setting for one of the planned attacks on Jackson’s life. Who would expect assassins to be lurking just around the corner? As you read the story, you’ll be right there with Olivia as she does her “hero” thing to save the life of the man she has come to love and admire.

You’ll love this book!

Buy direct from author:  https://emma-calin-author.lpages.co/power-landing-page-01/ Universal link to buy from a choice of online book sellers (Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Apple etc.):  http://books2read.com/PPPower

The launch editions of ‘Power’ include a link at the back of the book to a giveaway draw – with a chance to win a Kindle Fire 7 or equivalent Amazon Gift Card.


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6 thoughts on “Power: A Passion Patrol Novel

  1. Thanks for the review and recommendation, Anneli. Gosh, I think I need to take a year off from the day job to read all of the great books out there.

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  2. This book is very different from yours, Jill, but there are moods and times in our lives when we like a bit of each. You’re so right. There are a lot of great books out there. We need a sampling of everything. I enjoyed Father for Bella, and in a different way I enjoyed this crime/love story (“Power”). It’s kind of like kissing your toddler good night and you get that warm, fuzzy feeling, and then you go and watch a police crime show and enjoy that too.


  3. I never get tired of reading…have at least three on the go at all times. Another one to add to my list! Thanks, Anneli!

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  4. That’s great to hear, Diane.


  5. Thanks for the rewiew. Sounds like she writes very exciting stories.

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  6. They’re very well written and they keep you turning pages.


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