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Preeners Get Clean “Bill” of Health


The local estuary is looking something like a Roman bath house.

The customers flock to the baths for their daily constitutional. The Canada geese are taking advantage of the safety of the tide being out some distance from the road nearby, while they still have the water for an escape from any people or animals approaching by land. Worst case, they can fly away.

But the day is warm and they are comfortable.  They are hard at work preening their feathers, nibbling away parasites, and  splatters of grit and goo after dipping their bills in the greasy uropygial gland on top of their back end at the base of their tail to smear a little Goose Brylcreem onto their feathers. This also helps with waterproofing. Having not a feather out of place improves the aerodynamics when they fly.

Even the mergansers are busy preening. She doesn’t seem to care that she has a “man” on either side of her, watching her tidy up.


Everyone is seriously on task.

But this one must have plans to go camping and maybe do a bit of trout fishing. See her testing her newly cleaned wings?


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23 thoughts on “Preeners Get Clean “Bill” of Health

  1. Very busy group … er, I mean flock.

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  2. I always enjoy watching birds preen themselves. Have a good trip, Anneli.

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  3. Thanks, Jill. I hope my camera will get a good workout.


  4. Delightful post and great photos, Anneli.

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  5. Beautiful to watch, isn’t it?

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  6. It is, and I found it interesting that so many of them were preening all at the same time. Conditions must have been right for it.


  7. Another enjoyable, informative “nature” blog on bir d preening and the importance for waterproofing, de-licing, not a feather out of place for flying well. We have quail in our yard this week, across the road from you.

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  8. Yes, I heard them in our hedge this morning. First time in years!!


  9. Birds of a feather preen together. Enjoy your time away.

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  10. Thanks, Belinda. I hope to get a few pics on the way.


  11. Beautiful pictures Anneli! Enjoy your time out! I am looking forward to all the pictures after your trip already!

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  12. Wonderful post and loved the closing line. I may adopt that!

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  13. You know so much about birds, Anneli. And are so good at photographing them. I never have anything in hand to shoot a pic with when I see a bird I want to photograph (boo).


  14. Wonderful to see the bird activity here, Anneli, in your narrative and beautiful photos. Funny how they are all so busy preening at the same time. And great that you got the mergansers in there too.

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  15. Nice pun in the title!

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