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Foolish Fish


Parked in a campground with hardly a soul around, I quickly scan for cougars and bears. I shake my head as I realize I’m too paranoid.

Our trailer sits looking at the lightly wooded view on the one side,

and the lake with our skiff on the beach on the other side. This pic is taken through the trailer window after the trip over dusty gravel road.

We can hardly wait to try fishing on the lake, and Emma is ready to go. She perches as lookout near the bow while Ruby settles into the space between the seats behind me.

When the Captain catches a trout, Emma checks it out,

and then Ruby has to give her approval as well.

The word is out beneath the waves

Swim for your lives and hope that saves

You from the Captain and his wife,

Their fishing rods may take your life.


Beware the tiny lures like flies

The Captain dangles them and tries

To fool us, thinking we’re just fish,

How tasty we’d be on a dish.


He’s brought his wife and both the dogs

Which makes it hard to watch for logs

His boat may hit one and they’ll flip

And we won’t get hooked on the lip.


Alas, young Cutty took the bait

I told him not to bite, just wait,

But no, he had to have it now,

I heard him screaming, “Ow, ow, ow!”


The Captain reeled him to the boat,

When Cutty was too tired to float,

They netted him and held him up

With comments about how they’d sup.


When Emma saw poor Cutty there

She tasted him and sniffed the air.

Then Ruby had to have her turn,

Making little Cutty squirm.


Beware you fishy children all

And listen when you hear me call

Do not be fooled by man-made flies

A better fate in wisdom lies.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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49 thoughts on “Foolish Fish

  1. Did Cutty taste good_

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  2. Beautiful! It looks restful and relaxing. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aw…Emma is so beautiful. I need to be there!

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  4. What a great place 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Such a beautiful spot for camping and fishing too! So glad the whole family had a wonderful time.

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  6. I love the poem and the photo of the lake! What a place to camp!

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  7. Wonderful in all ways!

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  8. This lake looks so peaceful, I can feel it while looking at the picture. What a wonderful little holiday this was!

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  9. Poor Cutty! A beautiful place, Anneli. I hope you enjoy some R&R.

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  10. What a wonderfully serene place!

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  11. Oh my, jealousy has crept into my life…….. πŸ™‚

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  12. You have β€˜seaworthy’ dogs, ours would only get their toes wet. Sweet poem.

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    • Oh they loved swimming in the lake. It was fairly new to Emma (the black one). She kept wanting to go back into the water. Ruby, being 12 now, still liked swimming but not with Emma’s enthusiasm. I’m glad you liked the poem. Thanks.

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  13. No better entertainment than this…

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  14. Do you really have cougars in this area?!
    I have never seen them in my life.

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  15. Look at all of that sweet kissy/fishy face going on there with Emma and dear Ruby Tuesday! Very relaxing spot and lovely photos, Anneli.

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  16. Awesome poem and pictures!!

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  17. Oh what a fun trip. I love the photo through the window. The dust makes it look mystic. Did you all fit on that boat okay? Max would’ve rocked the boat. We recently took him on my dad’s pontoon boat for a ride (in Wisconsin). He liked the smooth waters of the river much better than the choppy lake.

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  18. Yes, there was just enough room and this skiff is built a little bit more heavily than our other one (which we can still use for when the Cptn. goes fishing alone and has to muscle the boat by himself). The one in the photo above is very sturdy. Ruby didn’t move much. She just wanted to lie there and nap. Emma was bouncier but also only half Ruby’s weight.


  19. I love reading your fishy tale – and fish-warning poem. I’m not a great fisherwoman (in fact, a horrible one). I feel sorry for the worms or whatever is live and squirming on the hook, and I ache for the flopping fish. Yet, I enjoy eating fish and find it much more healthy and satisfying than meat. I image your ‘fresh off the hook’ fish is absolutely delicious.

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