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Late Bloomer


I’m hoping this little guy will be lucky and not get picked up by the crows. Robins in our area have very bad luck with their hatches, so they nest two or three times, starting in March. Probably this chick is from a second or third hatch.

He is nearly through the worst of it. He’s getting his grown up colours and his wing feathers are growing quickly.

He still has plenty of camouflage colouring though. He sat so still in the grass that at first I didn’t realize it was a bird.

As I took his picture, I heard his mother call very quietly. He immediately turned to look for her, but she didn’t come right down to him.

As I tried to get closer, he got smart and started to hop away. At first I thought he might have a hurt wing, but he was able to get around quite well.

I find it amazing how the parents know when it’s time to back off, just hovering nearby, but letting the chicks start fending for themselves.

He’s hopping around on the ground, very uncertain of the big world around him. Probably he can make short feeble flights. I hope he makes it, now that he’s come this far.

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36 thoughts on “Late Bloomer

  1. Me too! 🙂

    I love your photos. 🙂

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  2. There are so many babies out there right now. I am exhausted from being on security patrol 24/7! I have my stucco wire temporary fence up to keep the cats away, but the silly birds still flight outside the safe zone. Perhaps I should put up a sign? Is there a google translate site that has the birdie speak vocabulary available? ha ha ha. That little robin is sure sweet. Good job on the photos!

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  3. Poor little fellow…

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  4. I hope so, too.

    I had a tree cut not knowing a Robins nest was in the bough.
    The eggs splattered all over my deck.

    I was very unhappy with me for not being more careful.

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  5. I had this happen once. I almost stepped on a baby bird when playing fetch with Max in the back yard. I felt so bad for it fluttering around, and I wanted to protect it from predators. I considered putting a box over it with an opening, to hide it, but it quickly hopped away. I then saw two cardinal parents on the fence urging the little chick on.

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  6. Aw…what a sweet little nugget! Last year, I watched a baby robin adjust to his surrounding after he’d just fledged the nest. You wonder what they’re thinking, don’t you?

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  7. He’s lovely. The parents will most likely feed him when they feel safe……

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  8. He looks healthy and ready to take on the world…all he needs is a grace period to adjust. Funny how important a few hours can be in a life.

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  9. It’s really interesting to watch the chicks grow, and the parents watching over. But also a bit nerve-wracking at times, with predators and dangers around, I agree with you, Anneli. I hope all goes well. Great photos and great story, thank you.

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  10. A whole lot of Robins do make it. Just ask any worm.

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  11. Very good pictures, its so nice to see those youngsters so close up, thanks for sharing!

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  12. Cats are the most persistent and dangerous predators for baby birds. Watching a cat hunt and stalk birds should put you off them forever! And don’t tell me that cats do it out of hunger—they are usually well fed. It’s only a sport to them!

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    • It’s bred into them from day one. But Cat owners can do their part by not leaving them outside at night and not letting them out during dawn and dusk hours when the birds are feeding and most vulnerable.


  13. I know exactly how you feel. Some years ago I watched a baby robin on the ground and heard his mother calling. It was hard. Parenting is hard. I think animals are often the best parents.

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  14. True. And I agree, sometimes it’s hard to watch when things go wrong. I think this robin chick was okay – his parents were just giving him some space.


  15. I hope he makes it too. He’s a sweet one!

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  16. The robins are so welcome, the crows are not! Haven’t heard the quail for days, have you? Did racoons and hawks get them….

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  17. Yes, the quail is/are still around, but so are the raccoons. They were up in the trees fighting last night.


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