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Puppets from Long Ago

Although as adults we have never lived near each other, my brother and I have been close since we were babies. Now we are retired and still the best of friends.

In this picture, we are maybe five and three. We are at the local park in our town in Germany. At the time we had no idea that we would be living in Canada soon, and spend the rest of our lives being happy and grateful Canadian citizens.

But see the little puppets we are holding? These were our Kasper puppets. We played with them a lot, making up scenarios and imaginary plots.

I think they helped keep us out of trouble and kept our imaginations active, if not wild.

Did you know that the Kasper puppet character was first made popular in the 17th century? Kasper was like a German-speaking Punch who did some punching, but mostly he used a slapstick to punch the devil, or witch, or the crocodile, who were often the evil characters in his plays, where he promoted good behaviour. Punching the bad guy was acceptable in those days.

Here is the typical Kasper. I found this photo on the Wikipedia site, but couldn’t see whom to credit with the photo. My apologies to the photographer.

Looking more closely at our own Kasper puppets, I don’t think they look as scary as this traditional one.

We spent many a happy time playing with our Kasper puppets and I have fond memories of those childhood days.

Did you ever have a puppet or make up puppet plays?


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