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The Islands


Vancouver Island is surrounded by many other smaller islands. It’s an easy boat ride to go for an overnight picnic on one of them. With our troller and the sporty boat of our friends, we did just that. Here we are snuggled up together.

The aluminum skiff is handy for ferrying us to shore for some exploring and picture taking.

So many plants and shells are different from those on most beaches of Vancouver Island.

Our friends’ dog may have been a bit nervous at first, but he proved to have sailor’s blood running in his veins. He had a great time and was as good as gold.

Dogs and people all got along fabulously and had a good time.

More on this outing next time.

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38 thoughts on “The Islands

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

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    • It sure was, Cindy. We took all kinds of decadent food to have a happy hour on the boat. Unfortunately, yours truly forgot to bring the nachos. We made up for it with other goodies though. The beaches were full of interesting things to see.


  2. Looks like you and the captain are taking advantage of having his summer off this time. Good for you. Did you guys sleep on the boat?

    What was all the piles of debris lining the sand? Were those logs? How did they get there?

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    • Yes, we slept on the boat, just as the captain would do if he were commercial fishing. Comfortable bunks. And yes if you are talking about the fourth picture, those are logs washed up in winter storms. Many have been there a long time, from the days of logging when the cut trees were boomed up in rafts and some have broken loose in bad weather. Eventually they wash up on shore. Some logs are from beaches where the shore was undercut by the waves over time and the trees near shore have fallen into the water and floated away, and some may be from flooding in rivers where the roots are washed out at the riverbank and then the trees float down the river to the ocean. They all end up on the beach somewhere eventually.

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  3. Beautiful pictures 😊

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  4. Idyllic! Beautiful! I get goosebumps when I see dogs and people – all different species – get along and enjoy each other. It’s a slice of paradise. xo

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  5. It looks like paradise to me and brings me back to where we were 25 years ago, looks almost the same. I can even smell the air! Thanks for those beautiful pictures. Lovely little dog of the neighbours. Ruby and Emma look happy too. You should do this often as long as it’s summer!!!

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  6. What a wonderful summer adventure you all had, Anneli. That troller is huge–it is easy to see you and the Capt. have shared some great seafaring adventures. I enjoyed the photos a lot, thank you.

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  7. Beaches are beautiful, what a land to live in!


  8. Great photos, Anneli!

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  9. What a fun time! Tiny Tony is a unique looking dog. Is he really a fox and not a dog at all?

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