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Bounty on the Beach


At first glance the beach looks somewhat empty of life, but if you take the time to look closer, you can see that it is like a giant grocery store filled with millions of small morsels of seafood.

If you’re not hungry, just go for a walk.

Tiny butter clams make a good snack later on. Be sure you have your saltwater licence though.

Here is one of the millions of clams that make such a delicious appetizer.

Steamed in a pot, the clamshells open and the little clams inside are ready to eat. Melted butter and lime juice adds a wonderful flavour, or if you prefer, you can eat them with garlic butter.

Oysters are also there for the picking, but be sure to shuck them on the spot so the shells with the bits of oyster are left behind to ensure their reproduction. And before you ask, NO, I don’t know how oysters make love. They seem to have “clammed up” and won’t talk about it.

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25 thoughts on “Bounty on the Beach

  1. Am salivating, clam feast is a distant memory. A yummy one. So often in July and August there is red tide closures. One of our favourite anchorages.

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    • No red tide worries this time. It has been cool and rainy. There is a lot of aquaculture nearby and red tide warnings are put out quickly if there is a problem. But yes, after weeks of hot weather this is something we always have to watch.


  2. “They seem to have โ€œclammed upโ€ and wonโ€™t talk about it.” LOL! For whatever reason, I’ve never been a fan of clams. Great photos!

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  3. I don’t think I will ever try oysters. Clams maybe.

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  4. Butter clams -yummy – sure better than razor clams! What a feast you had. I would leave the oyster alone and take a picture of it, like you did.

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    • I definitely prefer the clams, and you’re right about the razor clams. They are more for making a chowder. More sand, and tougher, and harder to dig for. The butter clams are perfect for us.


  5. Having grown up and lived most of my adult life on the prairies, I have to say this stuff does not appeal. Nice for you though.

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  6. Do you really have to have a ‘saltwater licence’? Is that a real thing?
    I love clams (and mussels)!

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    • Yes, we do and it is. If you are fishing for salmon, for example, you would need a saltwater fishing licence, but if you are fishing for trout, you need a freshwater licence. Glad you like the seafood. It’s nice to have something different once in a while.

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  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful time “foraging” and EATING! and from the photo, I’d say a glass of delicious white wine was a perfect accompaniment. Yummy.

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  8. Yum! I love clams. ๐Ÿ™‚

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