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In the fall of 2014, a blogging friend and I exchanged seeds through the mail. She sent me hollyhock seeds and I sent her poppy seeds. We looked forward to the spring when we would plant each other’s flowers.

I was sorry to hear that the poppy seeds didn’t sprout for her that next year, but her hollyhocks grew for me.

In November of 2015, she died of cancer. I was shocked because she had been such a positive person. I never would have guessed that she would lose that battle.

I planted the hollyhocks in my vegetable garden because I go there every day, rather than in a flower bed I might rarely visit. Year after year, I think of my friend fondly, yet sadly, almost every day  when I watch her hollyhocks grow, from the earliest leaves to the huge stalks loaded with flowers. It’s as if she’s saying hello whenever I go out to my garden.

If you would like to visit the blog of Barb Beacham, and browse back in time over some of her posts, here is the link: https://salmonfishingqueen.wordpress.com/ 

She was a wonderful person and I still miss her. I’m so glad I have her hollyhocks in my garden.

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42 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. What a wonderful and very personal connection to her in your garden. My condolences – I checked out her blog and she seems a lovely person. ❤

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  2. Such a lovely way to remember someone every year. Those hollyhocks are no doubt as beautiful as Barb was.

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  3. What a lovely tribute to your friend, Anneli. The hollyhocks are gorgeous.

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  4. I got some iris bulbs from a friend who died a year later (pancreatic cancer). Like you, seeing the flowers each year reminded me of her and was very comforting, because it was like she was still around.

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  5. A lovely way to remember a good friend. The hollyhocks are as beautiful as your friend was.

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  6. Sad, but a wonderful remembrance of your friend.

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  7. I checked out your friend’s blog…it’s as if she were still blogging…I admit I have a hard time wrapping my head around this new age we live in with blogs living beyond the beating heart that writes them. But I admire how her husband brought her blogging buddies into the fold of his grieving heart.
    Those Hollyhocks are real gems, Anneli.

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  8. What a lovely way to remember your friend, Anneli. I’m so sorry for your loss.

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  9. A lovely way to remember your friend, the flowers somewhat bittersweet though.

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  10. How wonderful, Anneli. Those beautiful flowers will always bloom and bring you wonderful memories of your dear friend.

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  11. Wonderful tribute Anneli

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  12. What a lovely way to remember her. It is one of the strange things about life that gifts and gestures can outlive us. She is honoured by these beautiful flowers.

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  13. What a wonderful remembrance!

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  14. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. What a wonderful way to remember her!

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  15. This is very heartwarming. ❤

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    • Tnx, Lori. Barb had me edit the first few chapters of her memoir and I feel bad that she couldn’t finish it. She had such a great sense of humour as she told of the funny things that happened to her as a child. I really enjoyed reading it and getting to know how feisty she was even as a child.

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  16. The hollyhocks’ blossom to remember your friend. Lovely sentiment, and keeping your friend in your memory.

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  17. What a lovely memorial to your friend.

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  18. Thank you. She was very special.


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