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Eager Eaglet Looking for Dinner


You might say, “The eagle has landed.” This one came down for a visit in my back yard.


Young and eager,

Food is meagre,

Desperation makes him brave.


Meals are sparing

Without herring,

Times of plenty he does crave.


Taking chances,

Searching glances

May result in other fare.


Tiny doggies,

Little froggies,

He’ll eat either, doesn’t care.

[No eagles allowed inside the yard.]

Here comes Emma,

Oh dilemma,

So ferocious she can sound.


Eaglet leaving

Or be grieving,

Emma’s a tenacious hound.


Snobby puppy

Getting “uppy,”

“Don’t go calling me a hound.


I’m a spaniel,

Read the manual,

Guard the neighbourhood around.”

[Hi, I’m Tiny Tony!]

“He might set

His hooks in yet,

If he grabbed Tony, I would cry.


Did you see

The eagle flee

Because I barked and made him fly?”


[Don’t worry, Tony. I’ll take care of you.]

Author: wordsfromanneli

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43 thoughts on “Eager Eaglet Looking for Dinner

  1. Who is Tiny Tony?! Great shot of the eaglet! And dear Emma. What a sweetheart. Look at that personality.


  2. Oh my, those faces! So sweet!

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  3. Ah, come on, Emma looks so sweet and innocent, how can you possibly accuse her of being ferocious?


  4. Emma is adorable! 🙂

    Great shot of the eagle. 🙂

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  5. What a beautiful bird! Lucky you.

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  6. I would love to see an eagle or eaglet in my yard! Great photo and,poem, Anneli.

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  7. I am melting……… 🙂

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  8. Great picturesm great poem, Anneli!

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  9. Well, that’s quite the royal visitor! Glad you’re keeping an eye on those adorable dogs 🙂

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  10. I fell in love with Emma when I´ve seen her on the picture with the other puppies. I knew already that this is the one and only! Beautiful pics and the poem is something else. You were so lucky to have the camera handy to take a picture of the eagle.

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  11. Good girl Emma! Protecting your red headed pal. Ivy saved me from a cute coyote on our morning walk. Probably had a family to feed .

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  12. Emma is a sweet looking guard dog. Do you often see eagles close up. Seems a little off course.

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  13. Yes, we have a lot of eagles close by, but they usually don’t land in the yard. They sit in the tall firs in our yard and one time two of them swooped down on Emma when she was tiny. Luckily I was with her and spread myself over her like an umbrella. We live on high ground but overlooking the water and it’s convenient for eagles to hang out here.


  14. cute poem concerning your dogs…I really like the black and one. also love to see eagles fly and search for food, so graceful. You surely have a gift for poems…

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  15. Pretty frightening. I guess a hungry bird doesn’t discriminate.

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  16. And this is the lean time of year for them.


  17. So cool to see those eagles right in your yard.

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  18. Wonderful poem and very nice pictures, thank you.

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  19. That. Is. Adorable.

    ALL of it. xoxox

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