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Rich Without Money


Having money can help make life easier, but wealth need not always be measured in dollars.

After supper, a quick trip to the beach, just five minutes away, is a rich experience of another kind. The Sleeping Princess presides over the valley. Looking down on the bay, this glacier, unfortunately,  is melting a little more every year, but it is still unique and beautiful.

If she turned her head, the Sleeping Princess could see the beach I’m standing on. She would see the morning glory, or field bindweed, in bloom. It is invasive and tenacious and widespread. Just ask me!!  I want to hate this flower because its vines tangle up everything in my garden. But it has a beauty of its own. I imagine this bell flower holding rainwater for Tinkerbell to drink from.

Here are more of these morning glory flowers popping up among thorny blackberry vines. How tough must it be to endure the pain of those prickles?! And yet how daintily these two invasive plants complement each other.

Glory be! Look at those blackberries! They want picking. I ate a few of them. Sweet, sweet, sweet! But my arrangement with the Captain was already made. We have a lot of blackberries at the back of our own yard and the deal was that if he picked the berries (and endured the thorny scratches and spiders and wasps and stickiness), I would make jam.

I didn’t know he would be so enthusiastic. I had a challenge to use up those berries. But now we have enough blackberry jam to last the rest of our lives. So we’re rich! Rich in jam.

I think I have the sweetest pantry in town.

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18 thoughts on “Rich Without Money

  1. Beautiful pictures and I’m sure the jam is delicious.

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  2. Great photos, Anneli! I love blackberries! I agree, your pantry is the sweetest.

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    • Haha! For now it is the sweetest anyway. Blackberries are one of those natural blessings. They grow everywhere and the plants are so tough, but the berries are sweet, tasty, and (being a purple-skinned food) probably good for us.

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  3. And there you have it :
    Life is Good ! 🙂

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  4. Very rich! Blackberry jam – so good. 🙂

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  5. I would only eat blackberry jam. But we don´t eat jam at all. Very nice pictures!

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  6. The Sleeping Princess is a beauty. What a delight it must be to walk along that beach and then blackberries for dessert😊

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  7. Wow, that is a lot. Is it as time consuming as canning tomatoes? Is it difficult? I know I’m rare, but I’ve never liked any kind of berry (not even strawberry). I do enjoy the flavor, but it’s the texture that bothers me. I’d probably like it in jam, if the seeds don’t get in the way, because it’s the seeds that ruin the texture for me.

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  8. I can imagine how good that is!Yum!

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